Maxwell Food Centre @Chinatown

We were in Chinatown this evening and decided to go Maxwell Food Centre for dinner. The place was still buzzing with people having dinner/supper and whatever in between. The queue at Lao Ban Beancurd though was not to be found. Guess everyone has outgrown dou hua already?

Freshly fried dumplings

Freshly fried dumplings

Sunto Gyoza (三多饺子): Loved the skin of the gyoza!!! Slightly chewy, it reminded us a bit of pizza somehow. The meat fillings were juicy, so juicy that when hubby took the first bite, the meat juice spurted out!

CKT and Oyster Omelette

CKT and Oyster Omelette

Marina South Delicious Food (滨海南美食): We tried the Char Kway Teow with extra cockles, and Oyster Omelette from this stall which seemingly has a short queue.

Luckily we ordered extra cockles, because they were so tiny and difficult to find. The oysters, on the other hand, were more substantial. Taste-wise, both were not bad.

Refreshing juice

Refreshing juice

Juice Farm: After so much sinful food, we shared a apple with celery juice, very refreshing 🙂

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