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韩江鱼汤 @AMK

We always passed by this sliced fish soup stall in Teck Ghee Square Market & Food Centre and there is always a queue. What can be so nice about sliced fish soup. you may ask. And it’s so good it even went on TV recently! So today, since me and my colleague had some time to spare in office, we decided to come here and join in the fun!

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Maxwell Food Centre @Chinatown

We were in Chinatown this evening and decided to go Maxwell Food Centre for dinner. The place was still buzzing with people having dinner/supper and whatever in between. The queue at Lao Ban Beancurd though was not to be found. Guess everyone has outgrown dou hua already?

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Eng Kee Bak Kut Teh 永记肉骨茶 @AMK

Yummilicious BKT

Yummilicious BKT

It’s Christmas Eve and we had lunch with my parents 🙂

Gotta say the ribs were still as good as ever, especially the Dragon Bone or 龙骨! It was not the soft soft nua nua type; rather, it was slightly firm to bite, we loved the texture! The free top-up of soup was also a great plus point! We love the soup here as it was not so overpowering with pepper.

The pig’s trotter was very soft today and the meat was literally falling off the bone, and this was quite different from our previous experience, where the meat was so tough! Dad said that we should request for the fatty type, otherwise, we would be given the lean type and the meat would be very tough. Now we know how to order the next time 🙂


  • Location: 341 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 #01-04 Teck Ghee Court Food Centre S(560341)
  • Hrs: 8am – 3pm (Tue-Sun)
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Sembawang Hill Food Centre

This morning, we decided to test out our new hiking shoes! Gotta break in the shoes before the actual trip 🙂

Took a stroll to Sembawang Hills Food Centre as it has been a while since our last visit. This place is certainly much livelier in the mornings than evenings! We decided to try the following:

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