Bari Uma Ramen @United Square

All noodles are handmade

All noodles are handmade

Marutama Ramen shifted out of United Square and it’s premises was replaced by Bari Uma Ramen and Tamoya Udon. We chanced upon this shop while looking for late dinner and decided to give it a try!

This restaurant was newly opened on 3 December 2013 and there were not many patrons as yet (or maybe it’s because it’s almost 9pm when we arrived, haha!). A big signboard (which says that all the noodles in the restaurant are handmade) sits above the see-through kitchen, and the list of various ramen is written vertically on wooden boards beside the signboard. Seats are spacious enough and the waitresses were helpful and prompt in their service (again it may be because of the time).

However there was a group of diners beside us in the other corner who were laughing their lungs out, and the acoustic of the restaurant seemed to echo the already-loud laughter even louder. Not so conducive for 2 very tired persons who just want to have a hot, comfy noodle soup.

We ordered Nori-Uma with Egg Ramen, Bari-Uma Ramen, and of course Gyoza!

Juicy gyoza

Juicy gyoza

Look at the big nori!

Look at the big nori!

The Nori-Uma Ramen came with two huge pieces of nori or seaweed and immediately made the ramen looked pleasing. The Bari-Uma Ramen was the same except for the egg and nori, and with extra char siew.

The broth for the ramen was very thick and creamy, which was different from the normal light shoyu or miso ramen, and it’s even thicker than tonkotsu ramen. The thickness really brought out the flavours in the broth and complimented the tangy ramen and the char siew. The roast pork or char siew was generously thick but soft and juicy, not like some char siews which were hard to chew. This one torn away easily at your bite. The egg however, was a slight disappointment, as it wasn’t exactly runny. The gyoza was big and juicy too, and completed the meal perfectly!


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