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​Doi Chaang Coffee @United Square

2016-08-05 20.51.412016-08-29 10.25.17A new kid on the block, and the waffles were calling out to us!

We got ourselves the Red Velvet and Charcoal flavours ($6.90 each), and a Sambal Beef Wrap ($5.50). The waffles were huge, and we belatedly realised that we could have ordered a half-and-half, after the staff mistakenly did one, so we ended up with 2 half-and-halfs. Hahah. Half-and-half looked prettier, and were crispy outside, soft on the inside.

The staff described Melon Milk ($4.50) as “melon with milk” and then everyone burst out laughing! Anyway, this was not bad. The melon taste was quite fragrant without being too cloying sweet. The Green Tea Milk ($5) was basically matcha latte which was not bad, while the Iced Doi Chaang ($6.50) was alright, but it was abit hard to judge since it was iced.

It was quite a cosy place to hang out and chit chat, and we had fun trying to find the countries in the “world map” on the wall.


  • Location: 101 Thomson Road United Square Shopping Mall #B1-60 S(307591)
  • Hrs: 8:30am – 9pm (Sun-Thu), 8:30am – 9:30pm (Fri-Sat)
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佳园肉骨茶 Jia Yuan Bak Kut Teh @United Square

2016-03-15 20.45.18We were pleasantly surprised to find out that another bak kut teh shop has sprang up in this area, especially after our poor experience with another outlet (which has ceased operations since then).

Located near the famous Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice shop, we guess competition must be pretty steep. On a Tuesday night, both places were relatively quiet, and we thought that we should give bak kut teh a try 🙂

In addition to bak kut teh, this place also does zhi char stuff, and the sets that they were offering included both bak kut teh and steamed fish. We did not feel like having fish though, so we opted for:

  • Prime Rib Bak Kut Teh ($9+10% service charge): More expensive than the normal $6.50 pork rib version, the soup was quite peppery and heartwarming, but the meat was unfortunately quite a letdown. The meat was not particularly tender, neither did it absorb the flavours of the soup. We topped up soup twice since it was the better part of this dish.
  • Braised Intestines ($6.50+): This was definitely better than the bak kut teh. We like that it was tender but yet had sufficient bite to it.
  • Kailan with Oyster Sauce ($6+): This was pretty standard.
  • Claypot Beancurd ($12+ for small): The beancurd cubes were silky soft inside, and the braised mushrooms retained a good firmness. We enjoyed this dish too.

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Jalan Kayu The Prata Cafe @United Square

Prata is much more satisfying

Prata is much more satisfying

After a super dissatisfying dinner, we decided to go for something sinful. And prata it is!!

Order a Mushroom and Cheese Prata ($3.40), Kopi-C Kosong ($1.80) and Teh-Cino less sweet ($2.10).

The kopi had a strange burnt taste, but it was still way nicer than the look-like-tea-but-taste-like-water-with-milk drink that I had. Gosh! Was tonight destined to be a night of terrible food?

Thankfully, the prata was freshly made and was warm and crispy, so we felt a bit less aggrieved…


  • Location: 101 Thomson Road United Square Shopping Mall #01-12/13 S(307591)
  • Hrs: 10:30am – 9:30pm
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Brauhaus Restaurant & Pub @United Square

We have always walked past this place but never got the chance to try the food. It’s either the place was crowded, or we were attracted by something else along the way 😛

Today, after getting disappointed by a new place (why invite us to try and not bothering to inform in advanced that half the food choices are sold out?), we decided to come here since there was no crowd.. Haha!

Live music started at 8pm, so we got to enjoy some music while we waited for our food. It’s quite a nice place to chill, and the singer tonight had a rather soothing and pleasant voice. This place boosts of the longest beer menu in Asia with more than 150 brands from all over the world, ranging from Asia to Europe to US. However, we weren’t in the drinking mood today 🙂

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Bari Uma Ramen @United Square

All noodles are handmade

All noodles are handmade

Marutama Ramen shifted out of United Square and it’s premises was replaced by Bari Uma Ramen and Tamoya Udon. We chanced upon this shop while looking for late dinner and decided to give it a try!

This restaurant was newly opened on 3 December 2013 and there were not many patrons as yet (or maybe it’s because it’s almost 9pm when we arrived, haha!). A big signboard (which says that all the noodles in the restaurant are handmade) sits above the see-through kitchen, and the list of various ramen is written vertically on wooden boards beside the signboard. Seats are spacious enough and the waitresses were helpful and prompt in their service (again it may be because of the time).

However there was a group of diners beside us in the other corner who were laughing their lungs out, and the acoustic of the restaurant seemed to echo the already-loud laughter even louder. Not so conducive for 2 very tired persons who just want to have a hot, comfy noodle soup.

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Wee Nam Kee @United Square

Wee Nam Kee used to be at Novena Ville but had to be relocated to United Square due to new developments. I have not tried them out because it was after all chicken rice and you can get chicken rice all over Singapore. Well the opportunity avail itself tonight so we decided to give this famous chicken rice a try 🙂

It wasn’t overly crowded on a weekday evening, and we were able to get seats immediately, although not the attention of the waitress as quickly. We quickly ordered half a roast chicken and some stir fry dou miao to go along.

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