[closed] November 8 Café & Company @Thomson V Two

Note: November 8 Cafe has ceased operations at this location, and opened another one by the name of Five by Five at Thomson V One.

It was a very hot afternoon and we just had an early lunch. Needed a place to chill, and we decided to head to Thomson V, where we recalled that there were a couple of new cafés that we had yet to try.

A small signboard caught our attention, leading us to a rather spacious November 8 Café & Company! The lovely 2-seater sofa with water flowing down the glass window was beckoning to us 🙂

Despite being half-empty, there weren’t enough menus to go around. But we were quickly served with water while waiting. With the atmosphere being so chillax and it was a lazy Sunday afternoon, we didn’t mind the wait 🙂

Chilling by the sofa

Chilling by the sofa

Interestingly, they do not serve hot chocolate, and the tea selections appeared to be all Chinese tea… Oh well, so it was Snow Daisy tea for me, Cafe Latte for hubby and a Berrylicious Waffle with French Vanilla ice cream to share.

We tried to entertain ourselves with the guitar, but hubby forgot to how to tune it.. Haha!

So we end up watching Mr Bean on TV and blogging instead, while waiting for our orders 😛 A while later, in came a pair who sat near us and played the guitar, yeah! Free music 🙂

The Snow Daisy

The Snow Daisy

Our drinks took about 15 minutes to arrive. The Snow Daisy, according to the website, is produced in the alpine region of the Kunlun Mountains in Xinjiang. This flower tea mainly grows at high altitudes on the cliffs and only blooms once a year in August. Snow chrysanthemum tea is rare because it only has a very short blooming season and a very small yield. It’s the only wild Chrysanthemum in the world that grows at high altitudes.

Ooh! We thought the tea had a hint of Assam, very unique taste and I loved it! Certainly wouldn’t have thought of it as chrysanthemum tea :p

Hubby thought that the cafe latte was quite good, very smooth and slightly sweet to taste.

Cafe Latte

Cafe Latte

Berrylicious Waffle

Berrylicious Waffle

The waffles were addictive! Crispy on the outside and slightly moist inside, the lightly sweetened waffles certainly didn’t taste flour-ish like the one we had the other day. The tart raspberries and blueberries complemented the waffles very well! I think you can try another ice cream flavour though :p Ah! We wanna have another waffle now! It was that good!



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