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Roast Duck Noodle

Roast Duck Noodle

Running out of options at nex and this newly-opened HK café caught our eyes, so we decided to give it a try. The interior is a very typical Hong Kong café but the ordering was not as efficient as you could get in Hong Kong. When we waved at a waitress, she came over reluctantly to collect our order sheet. Then she strolled over to the cashier counter and just passed the sheet to the cashier, who was busy chatting/gossiping with her colleague. She gave us an impression that this was not her job and that the cashier should have come over. Later when the cashier punched in our orders and gave us the summary, I found that one of the items was missing. So I had to walk over the cashier counter to repeat my orders, and she was still chatting/gossiping with her colleagues. Why can’t life be simpler? I ordered the Roast Duck Noodle which was quite delicious! The roast duck was nicely roasted and the noodle was tangy and did not have the usual wanton noodle smell. Wifey ordered Chicken Hotpot Noodle, which was an ordinary claypot noodle with chicken pieces. The highlight of the night was the Hand-pulled Chicken Salad. The chicken pieces, lying on a bed of crispy lettuce, were chilled and hand-pulled to give that rough texture. The dish was then topped with sesame and peanuts to give it a crunch. Delicious and appetizing!

Chicken Hotpot Noodle

Chicken Hotpot Noodle

Hand-pulled Chicken Salad

Hand-pulled Chicken Salad


  • Location: 23 Serangonn Central nex Shopping Mall #B1-30/31 S(556083)
  • Hrs: 10am – 10pm
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