Strictly Pancakes @Prinsep Street

Strictly nothing else

Strictly nothing else

We were looking for early dinner and Strictly Pancakes was just around the corner! We arrived at 5.50pm and were the first in the queue… Within the next 10 minutes, the queue was completely filled 😮 was it really so good?

While waiting for the place to open, I used the 10 minutes to surf the web for food recommendations… It appeared that there were very extreme reviews! Seems like food and service were not so great, while some said it was very nice for the first few bites and it was probably difficult for an individual to finish 3 pancakes (medium). With so much advice from the Web, we decided to share the Garlic buttered prawns with Pancakes.

We were the first in the queue and were told to go upstairs, and strangely, the staff upstairs thought it was 2+1 pax! So while she tried to sort out the confusion, she let the second group take their seats (one corner). I wanted the other corner (by the window) but she said that it was reserved. Guess what? Less than 5 minutes later, a male staff removed the reservations and it was free to sit! Taken up by another couple…. Sheesh!
We decided to quickly order, as the place was filling up rather quickly and we were getting ignored (they do not serve water according to who came first, and it was also not by sequence of tables.. Very strange!)…

We placed our order and the staff asked in a very bored tone on what we type of butter we wanted… “Page 1”, he said, when we looked confused. Ok.. So far, my impression of this place is not good 😛

Maple syrup and garlic butter

Maple syrup and garlic butter

Garlic buttered prawns with Pancakes

Garlic buttered prawns with Pancakes

Food came quite quickly and we were glad that it did! For the pancakes tasted great with the warmed garlic butter sauce! The sauce was kinda addictive and came with chunks of garlic.. We like! There was also maple syrup and garlic butter served on the side. It will be good if you can finish the pancakes very quickly because it got rather gelat very quickly, especially when the sauce turned cold…. Luckily there was a small side serving of salad to complement the food.

We left the place by 6.30pm… I was very impressed by our speed of eating… Haha!


  • Location: 44A Prinsep St Prinsep Place S(188674)
  • Hrs: 6pm – 10pm (Mon), 11:30am – 10pm (Tue-Thu), 11:30am – 12mn (Fri), 10am – 12mn (Sat), 10am – 10pm (Sun)




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