Ah Chiang Traditional Charcoal Porridge @Tiong Bahru

Nice little corner

Nice little corner

I’m always game for a bowl of good Cantonese porridge and so decided to drag hubby back to try the porridge here after walking past at least 3 times today… Haha!

This coffee shop is wholly occupied by Ah Chiang, and they serve bean curd drink too (but we didn’t order that). Deco is old-school nostalgic feel, very much blends itself into the whole atmosphere of the area here.

Cantonese-style porridge

Cantonese-style porridge

We tried the mixed porridge with egg ($4) and raw Sai Toh fish slices ($5.30). The porridge reminded us of home 😀 The porridge may not be super silky-smooth, but it was still delicious! The pig’s liver was fresh and cooked just right, it was soft and not tough at all! The intestines was cleaned very well and not those unchewable type. Totally enjoyed the porridge!

The fish slices were quite nice too, but the dish could do with a bit more sesame oil to make it even tastier.

Overall, a rather satisfying meal even in this hot weather!


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