The Breakfast Club @Soho

Bright yellow exterior

Bright yellow exterior

Hubby woke up bright and early today! Because we were going out for a proper breakfast! The wifey was still hiding under the bed covers when he was ready… Haha! What to do? It was very cold this morning!

Anyway, we made it out of our hotel and managed to arrive at The Breakfast Club (Soho branch) before 9.30am. It was almost full because it opens from 8am, but there was still one 2-seater available, yay!

The Breakfast Club Cafe has 7 branches spread all over London and there is always long queues in all its cafes. It is popular for its brunch menu which is served until 5pm. Hubby got the recommendation of this place from his graduate student who became a stewardess, and hence had numerous opportunities to visit cities all over the world and visit nice eateries, like this one!

Full Monty

Full Monty

Hubby settled for the Full Monty (£10) and Cafe Latte (£2.50), while I decided to try the Apple and Cinnamon French Toast (£7.50) and the Beetlejuice (£4.20).

The cafe latte was smooth and not so acidic, but Nude Expresso was still better. The Beetlejuice is a mixture of apple, beetroot, carrot and ginger, and it was deliciously spicy!

Apple and Cinnamon French Toast

Apple and Cinnamon French Toast

The mains were served in a … errr… Pile! Because there was so much food!! I almost couldn’t find the 4 slices of thick French toast buried under the apple slices. The apple slices were good, but the French toast was pretty standard fare.

The Full Monty had lots of stuff on the plate, with bacon, sausage, black pudding, eggs, home-style fried potatoes, mushrooms, beans, grilled tomato and toasted multigrain bloomer! The delicious bacon reminded us of bak kwa, and we had not tried black pudding before (probably a UK/Europe-specialty?) but it tasted like a very dense tempeh. Haha…

We were so full 1/2-way through the piles on our plates! The atmosphere was very friendly, and because seats were very close, the entire cafe was very lively with everyone chit-chatting at their tables. We thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast! Hubby said if we ever had a chance to visit London again, he would want to try their popular pancakes! 🙂


  • Location: 33 D’Arblay Street, London W1F 8EU, United Kingdom
  • Hrs: 8am – 10pm (Mon-Sat), 8am – 7pm (Sun)
  • Nearest Tube: Oxford Circus or Tottenham Court Road
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