Restaurant SELA @Seah Street

We had redeemed a 1-for-1 voucher and were very excited to try the food here! Hubby wanted a medium rare Beef Tenderloin with Purple Potatoes, Honshimeji, Broad Beans, Cherry Tomatoes and Veal Jus ($46++), while I was very attracted by the Alaskan King Crab with Angel Hair, Black Truffle Cream and Candied Ginger ($38++).

Beef Tenderloin

Beef Tenderloin

Alaskan King Crab with Angel Hair

Alaskan King Crab with Angel Hair

We totally loved the food here! The fresh crab meat was firm and juicy, and the sauce was so addictive with the pasta, that was of the right firmness… I cleaned the plate 😀 Hubby thought that the steak was done very nicely, very tender and flavourful!

While the usual prices were a little steep for ordinary dining, we gotta say that the quality of the food was really quite excellent 🙂 It would make a lovely choice for celebrations *hint hint hubby*


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