Greyhound Cafe @Siam Center, Bangkok

Chic exterior

Chic exterior

We were finally cafe hopping and hubby had previously done some research, and it seemed like Greyhound Cafe was a good choice!

We had a little difficulty locating the cafe, as Siam Center as a shopping mall was rather big, and there was actually a fashion store by the same name (that’s the origin of the Greyhound name).

Anyway, the cafe was quite near the fashion store, and we immediately fell in love with the environment when we reached.

We ordered Chamomile, Earl Grey, Peppermint tea (THB85 each), Cafe Latte, Cappucino (THB95 each), Clam Chowder (THB180), Prawn Bisque (THB160), Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings (THB130), Italian Sausage Quesadilla (THB210), Crispy Ravioli (THB160) and Complicated Noodles (THB160).

The drinks were pretty much standard fare, but the food was really quite exceptional! Both soups were thick and deliciously flavorful!

The fried chicken wings was a signature dish, and rightly so. Marinated with fish sauce and deep fried, these mini wings were so crispy with juicy meat! It was rather addictive and took me lots of self-control not to finish everything, haha!

The quesadilla was a rather awesome cheesy mix of slightly spicy sausages and juicy tomatoes amongst other things. The very thin pizza-like skin with the very generous fillings left us wanting for more!

The ravioli had 3 different types of fillings inside; foie gras, spinach with cream cheese, and bacon bits. We had lots of fun eating them, partly because we didn’t know that there would be different fillings :p

The Complicated Noodles was complicated in the sense that there was a little DIY involved. The waiter very patiently explained to us on the procedure. Basically, it was a bit like popiah-making; you need to place the noodle sheet (which reminded us a bit of kway tiao) on a nice big piece of fresh lettuce, then top it up with minced pork sauce, coriander leaves and chili sauce for more kick, and take a very satisfying and crunchy bite!

Five of us adults spent THB1590 (~S$62.50) in total, inclusive of 7% VAT and 10% service charge. Overall, it was a very enjoyable meal, with delicious food and great company!


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