Half day trip to Railway Market and Floating Market @Bangkok

Happy couple!

Happy couple!

Today would be our activity day!

We had breakfast with bread bought from the 7-11 store just beside the hotel when we came back last night after a long day of shopping and walking around Chinatown.

We had 8 adults and 3 children, so we managed to pre-book a half day tour in advance, and the driver-cum-tour-guide came to our hotel to pick us up in a very comfortable van.

The first stop was the Mae Klong Railway Market, and we had close to 45 minutes to wonder around the market before the scheduled train arrival.

Most tourists were at the stalls lined along the railway tracks, but there were actually many more stalls behind them, much like our local wet market.

Buzzing market before train arrival

Buzzing market before train arrival

Busy shifting back

Busy shifting back

There was a train arrival announcement made about 10 minutes prior to the actual arrival of the train, so the stall owners had plenty of time to pack up. We noticed that most of the stalls had roller wheels attached to the bottom of the table legs, so it was fairly easy to push the stalls backwards.

Do be careful and find a empty spot to stand; the train did come really close, and it was not advisable to stand too near the tracks! It was a very interesting experience watching the train come so close, and the amazingly quick resuming of business!

The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market was a 10-minute ride away, and there was a Pasar Malam next to the river, selling assorted bags, shoes and clothes. We were led quickly to the market, and split up into 2 boats. There was the traditional long boat, and the more expensive motor-powered boat (that seemed rather hazardous to the nearby boats and the environment).

It was a very crowded river! We bought some mango with sticky rice and fried bee hoon with duck’s blood from 2 boats, and it was quite tricky trying to eat while in the boat, hehe. We did not try to buy any souvenirs, but do remember to bargain, as the prices quoted were really quite exorbitant!

Soup noodles with pig's blood

Soup noodles with pig’s blood

Coconut ice cream

Coconut ice cream

After the boat ride, we had about 30 minutes of free time, so we also tried some coconut ice cream and soup noodles with pig’s blood… There were 2 carni-vores in this trip, so we were trying to outdo each other with our blood-thirsty manner :p The rest who could not tahan us, went shopping instead :p

It was actually quite a comfortable trip, and the driver was quite friendly. He chatted and shared information, gave us tips on where to go, and also dropped us at our lunch venue. My friends were pretty happy with the service and even continued to engage him for another day trip!

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