Chui Xiang Kitchen 醉香小厨 @Casuarina Road

The previous fishhead steamboat place had closed down, and a new air-conditioned eatery has spring up last week. This was just next to the famous zhi char, and we were glad that there was a new option! Service was quite good, as all the staff were very friendly, and the food was served very quickly… But we were the only ones eating 😛

  • 蒙古烟鸭片 Sliced Duck with Mongolian Sauce ($10): The mongolian sauce was sweet and pepperish, and I thought it was a bit too overpowering for the smoked duck.
  • 妈蜜排骨 Fried Pork Rib with Marmite Sauce ($10): Recommended by the staff, this was really tender and juicy!
  • 马来风光 Sambal Kang Kong ($8): The sambal chilli was very fragrant, and we liked that it was not overly spicy. For extra kick, add more of the chilli provided by the side.
  • 海鲜生面 Seafood Crispy Noodles ($5) for small: very crispy, with fresh seafood ingredients. The prawns were large, sweet and firm. The squid was tenderly and not overly chewy. Instead of sliced fish, it was huge, chunky fish pieces.
  • 自制香茅汁 Homemade Lemongrass Drink ($2.20): Light and fragrant, it came with a slice of lime. Not bad, but not really our cup of tea.

We were happy enough that we returned the following week, and this time, there were quite a few tables of customers.

  • 醉香龙虾粥 Live Lobster Porridge ($90/kg, ours was $22.50 with one lobster): This was highly recommended by the staff the last time we came, and it was actually something like Teochew fish porridge, with rice soaked in broth. We loved the broth. The lobster meat was sweet and firm, very delicious!
  • 铁板蚝煎蛋 Oyster Omelette ($10): There were 10 huge and fresh oysters! While the egg was slightly overdone, and we would have preferred a slightly runny version, we were very impressed by the oysters.
  • 椒盐吊片 Salted and Peppered Cuttlefish ($10): Actually, I was off work really late, and asked hubby to get something to snack first. So when by the time I arrived, the sotong was already cold. However, it was still crispy and yummy!

Note that plain water is available at $0.30 per cup, the prices listed above were for small size. There was a 5% service charge on top of the prices, instead of the usual 10%, and no GST. The service was definitely way better than their neighbour next door…


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