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Peter’s Fish Market @Sydney Fish Market, Sydney

2016-08-19-14-15-22When we decided to visit Ms I in Sydney and began our research, Sydney Fish Market (SFM) popped up on Google Maps and I made a note that we must come and visit because we are so fond of fish markets with its fresh seafood (or markets in general, really… Haha)!

After more research, we realized that this is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and the 3rd largest fish market in the world in terms of variety. It is also a popular place with over 2.7 million visitors coming here annually.

But the most exciting part for us is SFM also includes many seafood eateries within its premises and one can buy fresh seafood to cook at home, or order them and have them cooked on the spot in various styles!

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饗宴鐵板燒 Shen Yen Teppanyaki @Yilan

2016-01-10 12.37.10We were all hanging around at the dining area of the minsu and the Taiwanese couple shared that they had a lovely Teppanyaki dinner nearby, which they had made reservations 2 months in advance!

The minsu owner added that this was a very popular place, and that 周董 was known to book the entire place for parties (there’s a photo of him at the restaurant) 😮

Since we were checking out the next day and had no prior plans for lunch, she offered to help us make reservations for lunch.

A quick phone call later, and there were still seats available for the 13:10 and 14:10 timings, and so we picked the earlier slot. Thank you 小蘭!

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Chui Xiang Kitchen 醉香小厨 @Casuarina Road

The previous fishhead steamboat place had closed down, and a new air-conditioned eatery has spring up last week. This was just next to the famous zhi char, and we were glad that there was a new option! Service was quite good, as all the staff were very friendly, and the food was served very quickly… But we were the only ones eating 😛

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Pince & Pints @Duxton

Simple menu

Simple menu

We were told of this place when we went cafe hopping with Ms J quite a while ago but we never had the chance to visit. And then we went London and visited Burger & Lobster. And then we thought: should we still visit Pince & Pints, given that B&L was the best that we had visited?

So the chance came for the comparison and we gladly went ahead to try after we came back from Bangkok!

The space is not that big, and they don’t take reservations. And diners have only 1.5 hours to finish your meal so that they can get more people to try their lobsters! Deco is very simple and industrial, and they do have alfresco seats but I think they are more for people who wants to drink while waiting for their seats.

The concept is very similar to B&L in that they only serve 3 dishes. But instead of burgers, they served Chilli Lobster (ala Chilli Crab), together with Live Whole Lobster (Grilled or Baked) and Lobster Roll, all at S$48++ each. At approximately £23, these are more expensive than B&L, but are they worth that much?

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Burger & Lobster @36 Dean Street

Simple pleasures

Simple pleasures

We had a late start this morning and decided we must go to Burger & Lobster for lunch!

Well, you see, everyone who has gone to London (and back) says this is a must-go restaurant whenever you are in London (together with Duck & Waffle and Patty & Bun)! The food menu is very simple, there are only 3 items. In fact, there isn’t a menu! The waitress simply come by your table and explain the very simple 3 items to the table. For £20, you could order:

  • a Whole Lobster (steamed or grilled),
  • a Lobster Roll, or
  • a Beef Burger

Ah, £20 for a burger? No thanks 😛

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Market Grill @Telok Ayer

Bar counter with menu

Bar counter with menu

Had a late afternoon meeting nearby and so we decided to explore this area!

Hubby read that the burgers here at Market Grill were excellent; so this was our first choice, with a backup plan to go to the Muffinry in case it was crowded here. Well, you always gotta have a backup plan when reservations are not allowed 🙂

Happy to say that on a Wednesday evening around 7pm, it was only half-full, with the tables mostly filled up, but the bar counter seats completely available. We were allotted a table beside the wall but the seats were very close to the next table. I guess the rent in the city centre is definitely not cheap so they need to squeeze every inch into sell-able space.

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