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해동해물탕 Haedong Haemultang 海東海鮮鍋 @Busan, South Korea

IMG_2336I have been wanting to check out this restaurant, after reading about it in the guidebook, and it was just around the corner of our hotel!

According to the guidebook, the owner of 해동해물탕 Haedong Haemultang 海東海鮮鍋 goes to 자갈치시장 Jagalchi Market 札嘎其市場 every morning to select the freshest seafood for the day, and the prices here are very reasonable.

So after a tiring day at walking around Busan, we decided that a hot steaming seafood pot for dinner it shall be!

The menu came with Chinese, English and Japanese translation, so I guess this must be a popular place with tourists too.

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​新嘗滿粥店 Xin Chang Man Porridge Stall @Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

2016-12-08 12.06.46We had originally wanted to go to 坤記煲仔小菜, but they do not serve its famous claypot rice for lunch. We did a quick Google and eyeball scan, and 新嘗滿粥店 seemed to be a rather good option!

We shared a 炸兩腸粉 Rice Roll with You Tiao (HK$10) and 生滾魚腩粥 Fish Belly Porridge (HK$25). The silky smooth porridge was sweet and soothing to the soul, and the fish belly slices were all very fresh. The rice rolls were served cold with soft you tiao, but there was something magical eating it with the hot porridge.

This was quite a popular lunch venue, and we shared the table with a friendly local who recommended a few other eating places to us… and that was how we settled on our dinner venue for the day 🙂


  • Location: 西環西營盤皇后大道西258號B舖 Shop B, 258 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Western District (Google Maps)
  • Nearest MTR: Island Line Sai Ying Pun Station 港島綫西營盤站 (Take Exit B1 and walk 2 mins)
  • Hrs: 6am – 11pm
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Steam Box 蒸好食创意蒸汽火锅店 @Serangoon Gardens

It was a super late brunch (actually, almost lunch time), and this new place Steam Box caught our eye as something that looked rather healthy! They had just opened on 3 May 2016, and apparently dinner reservations were already fully booked.

Since we were rather early for lunch, we were the first customers of the day. The staff took time to explain to us how the entire process work, and how to use the steamer. Firstly we had to choose between the Century Egg and Pork Rib Porridge ($15++) or seafood porridge ($18++) as a base.

Next, we get to pick what we wanted to steam on top of the porridge, so that the juices will drip into the porridge for additional flavours. The big portions of meat are exactly double the size and double the price as the small portions, so the advice was to just try out small portions and add on if you like the items. The items are served on coloured plates, so we knew exactly how long we had to set the timer by checking against the timing list for each colour, and we could just cook the same coloured plate items together. We like this concept 🙂

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Chui Xiang Kitchen 醉香小厨 @Casuarina Road

The previous fishhead steamboat place had closed down, and a new air-conditioned eatery has spring up last week. This was just next to the famous zhi char, and we were glad that there was a new option! Service was quite good, as all the staff were very friendly, and the food was served very quickly… But we were the only ones eating 😛

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Tak Po @Smith Street

Hubby had read about this supposedly famous dim sum in Chinatown, so we decided to check it out! It was rather crowded on a Friday evening, so instead of joining the queue and waiting for a table within the air-conditioned shop, we chose to take the last remaining outdoor seating. Food was served very quickly, and the staff were also very efficient at clearing the plates; they pop by to pick up the empty plates at least 3 times while we were eating. We also liked that we could order some items such as carrot cake, and custard bun by pieces instead of the usual by the trio style.

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靠得住粥面小館 Trusty Congee King @Tai Ho Street, Hong Kong

Looks trustworthy?

Looks trustworthy?

We were on our way to Hong Kong National Film Archives as our last stop for today’s Heritage Trail, and made a quick stop for a late lunch.

There were 2 restaurants with attractive neon signboards here, 太興 Tai Hing Roast (apparently a chain of roast meat restaurants), with roasted meat as specialty, and 靠得住 Trusty Congee King, with congee as specialty, with a seasonal special of rice dumpling.

Thinking that it would be hard to beat the roasted goose that we had yesterday, plus the picture of the rice dumpling looked so good, and since the English translation of 靠得住 is TRUSTWORTHY, we decided that 靠得住 it shall be!

[Incidentally, we realized while writing this post, that 靠得住 Trusty Congee King is actually a brand under 太興 Tai Hing 🙂 That probably explains why they are just side-by-side.)

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Canto Paradise 樂天小香港 @AMKHub

Never thought that I would knowingly and willingly walk into another restaurant by Paradise Group, having encountered terrible service at 3-4 of their restaurants a few years, but to prove hubby that I’m not that petty, we actually went to Canton Paradise twice in a row! :p Gotta say that the service here is way, way better!

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Ah Seah Teochew Porridge @Teck Chye Terrace

What a spread

What a spread

Having a late lunch with parents and we recalled seeing this rather popular porridge place along Teck Chye Terrace, so off we went searching for it!

Ah Seah Teochew Porridge spans over 2 shop fronts, and there were people seated at almost every table even at 2pm!

There were many dishes available and we ended up selecting minced meat balls, fish cake, spinach, lala and mixed intestines, as well as 2 porridge and 2 rice ($29.60).

The mixed intestines consisted of 大肠头, 粉肠and 生肠, and it was the highlight of the meal for me! I had never had this 生肠 before and it was kinda firm yet soft, very interesting taste! But after I googled and discover it to be 输卵管, I’m not so sure if I want to eat it again… Hahaha! 😦

The spicy lala was also quite delicious, but I still think that the version by Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood 万隆华和海鲜菜馆 at Casuarina Road is the best.

There was a separate drinks stall that had a rather nice ice jelly drink. It was self-service for me, including taking bottled drinks and attempting to reach the serving tray placed almost out of reach for my height, but I also saw some people being served. Not too sure how it worked, maybe it was self-service for me because I went to the counter to place order?


  • Location: 31 Tech Chye Terrace S(545731)
  • Hrs: 11am – 12am (everday)
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Ah Chiang Traditional Charcoal Porridge @Tiong Bahru

Nice little corner

Nice little corner

I’m always game for a bowl of good Cantonese porridge and so decided to drag hubby back to try the porridge here after walking past at least 3 times today… Haha!

This coffee shop is wholly occupied by Ah Chiang, and they serve bean curd drink too (but we didn’t order that). Deco is old-school nostalgic feel, very much blends itself into the whole atmosphere of the area here.

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Hong Kong 2014 Day 2

Happy couple

Today being our special day, hubby and I spilt up from the girls. We did quite a bit of research on alternate plans before this trip for this day. Some plans included a side trip to Tai-O if we didn’t make it there on Day 1, day trip to outlaying islands like Cheung Chau etc., and exploring further east of Hong Kong island. But we also thought of doing/visiting something that is not quite ‘popular’ or ‘must-visit’ places in Hong Kong, like Yuen Long. Hubby’s old impression of Yuen Long was that it was a really distant place (he took a bus to Yuen Long on his previous pre-1997 trip and it was a long, long journey). But the MTR map told us that it’s only a 40-minutes ride on West Rail Line. Seeing that its so accessible now, we decided that we should venture into this New Territory for the day!

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