Kin Dee Restaurant @Mai Khao

So we went on a short vacation (again), after hubby finished his BIG project of the year! This time we went Phuket on accepting an invite from my friend from Marriott Vacation Club!

We took a 25-minute stroll from Marriott Vacation Club to this highly recommended restaurant outside the resort. It was a fairly straight forward route, just turn left upon exiting the main gates, and follow the road till we reached the main road. From there, we turned left again and continue to walk till we past by a tiny local shop. Right across it was an air-conditioned mini-mart, with a small road leading inwards to Kin Dee Restaurant.

We were glad that we made it in time, because barely 10 minutes after we were seated, it started to rain! We enjoyed the food so much that we decided to order in the next day. They deliver directly and free to the resort (we just need to meet them at the gates), and it costs the same as eating in. No additional tax or service charge, making this a cheaper alternative to food within the resort. We did find that food quality dropped for delivery, e.g. fried stuff were no longer as crispy or hot, so a bit of walking is still highly recommended! Or you could pay 500B for a return trip with the local taxi, inclusive of the driver’s waiting time. Not very worth in our opinion, since it was just a 6 minute ride.

2015-11-08 18.28.382015-11-09 19.42.29Anyway, we tried the following over 2 meals:

  • Kin Dee Crab Cakes (250B): Fried seasoned crab meat with Phang Nga corn, and seasoned with Thai spices, this was the dish that completely wow-ed us during our first visit. It was very flavourful and full of crab meat.
  • Thai Calamari (180B): Lightly fried calamari coated with garlic pepper sauce, this one was quite standard.
  • Fluffy Omelette with Cha-Om Leaves (100B): The menu indicated that this was a Thai favourite, and this was certainly one of our favourites too! Lots of wok flavour, the omelette was crispy on the outside and fluffy inside, and the vegetables gave it a refreshing twist. Otherwise, the omelette might have felt too oily towards the end.
  • Phuket Hor Mok (70B): This was not exactly the kind of otah that we had expected to find, and was much wetter than what the picture suggested, and definitely not quite the “Phuket style fish and coconut soufflé” that was described. In fact, it seemed more like curry. It was quite flavourful though.
  • Kin Dee Salad (160B): Crispy Phuket fern with smoked shrimp, pineapple, onion, tomatoes with a tangy and refreshing dressing perfectly mixed together, creating layers of texture and flavours, this was a clear winner! For delivery, the fried ferns were packed separately to ensure that they remain crispy.
  • Phuket Shrimp in Leaves Tempura (150B): Shrimp and wild pepper leaves in a light termaric batter, the shrimps were fresh and sweet. The pepper leaves had unfortunately turned less crispy due to the delivery time, but we found that it tastedbetter if we broke it up into smaller pieces.
  • Clear Tom Yum Goong (150B for small): Just nice for 2 persons, we requested for mild spiciness, so this soup was sour with a tinge of heat. We liked that the flavours were not overly intense, unlike some that we tried in Singapore that we always end up choking on it after the first mouthful…
  • Chicken Mussaman Curry (200B): A slightly thick curry made with peanuts, onions and sweet potatoes, and came with a huge drumstick. The meat was a little overdone, but the sweet potatoes were good! We also liked that the curry was not too spicy.
  • Soft Shell Crab with Curry Powder (400B for small): Not very worth it in our opinion, as the soft shell crab was quite small. We liked the curry though. Probably not a good idea to have too many different types of curry in the same meal, as we slowly got confused….

  • Location: 71/6 Mu 5 Mai Khao, Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand
  • Hrs: 10:30am – 10pm
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