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Kin Dee Restaurant @Mai Khao

So we went on a short vacation (again), after hubby finished his BIG project of the year! This time we went Phuket on accepting an invite from my friend from Marriott Vacation Club!

We took a 25-minute stroll from Marriott Vacation Club to this highly recommended restaurant outside the resort. It was a fairly straight forward route, just turn left upon exiting the main gates, and follow the road till we reached the main road. From there, we turned left again and continue to walk till we past by a tiny local shop. Right across it was an air-conditioned mini-mart, with a small road leading inwards to Kin Dee Restaurant.

We were glad that we made it in time, because barely 10 minutes after we were seated, it started to rain! We enjoyed the food so much that we decided to order in the next day. They deliver directly and free to the resort (we just need to meet them at the gates), and it costs the same as eating in. No additional tax or service charge, making this a cheaper alternative to food within the resort. We did find that food quality dropped for delivery, e.g. fried stuff were no longer as crispy or hot, so a bit of walking is still highly recommended! Or you could pay 500B for a return trip with the local taxi, inclusive of the driver’s waiting time. Not very worth in our opinion, since it was just a 6 minute ride.

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Pepper Steakhouse & Bistro @Great World City

I was attending a conference in Grand Corpthorne Waterfront Hotel and so we ended up in Great World City for dinner!

We were just walking around and sighted Pepper Steakhouse which looked promising (plus there is a One-For-One starters promotion… 🙂 hehe).

I wanted to order a lamb dish but they ran out of lamb. So we ordered:

  • Crispy Blue Swimmer Crab Cake ($12) – The crab cake was done perfectly with the outer crush crispy and the patty juicy.
  • Australian Grass-Fed Beef Carpaccio ($10) – The beef slices were so thinly cut and marinated with vinegar and olive oil to give a delectable crunch when you bite it in with the cheese flakes and arugula. Very nice indeed!
  • Australian Grass-Fed Angus Tenderloin ($36) – The beef was prepared medium-rared but you don’t get the blood oozing all out. Paired with the mushroom sauce and we got a satisfying piece of meat. The steak-cut fries were free-flowed but we could hardly finish the first helping. 🙂
  • Caramelized Kurobuta Pork Chop ($28) – The pork chop was just normal.

  • Location: 1 Kim Seng Promenade Great World City #01-66/67 S(237994)
  • Hrs: 10am – 10:30pm (Mon-Fri), 9am – 10:30pm (Sat-Sun)
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The Cajun King @Serangoon

Dinner spread!

Dinner spread!

We had walked past The Cajun Kings during our previous trip to Wimbly Lu, and thought that we should check it out 🙂 It was full house during the weekday evening when we visited around 7pm. We did not really feel like eating the combos, so these were what we had:

  • Deviled Crab Cakes ($18++): Easily our favourite of the evening 🙂 Made with claw meat, grated egg, jalapena, and deep fried, the crab cakes were juicy and the crab meat tasted fresh.
  • Very pinkish... no?

    Very pinkish… no?

    Lobster Roll ($34++): Supposed to be made from Maine lobster and served with brioche, we still think that Burger & Lobster was way better, and even the one at Market Grill was better. Well, we preferred this than the one we had at Pince & Pints. We did not really like the brioche here.

  • Southern Fried Chicken ($12++): The chicken appeared to be abit under-cooked, and the meat near the bones was very pinkish.The waitress assured us that they were definitely cooked though.

Water is free here, and we also appreciated the long stretch of basin to wash our hands before and after the meal 🙂


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