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Manis J Nyonya Restaurant @Melaka, Malaysia

Our last stop in Malacca, and we were still quite determined to try Peranakan food 😛

Our favourite was the Assam Fish (RM50 for medium)! The fish was fresh, and the tamarind sauce had a good balance of sweet, sour and spicy 🙂 We also liked the Cili Garam Terung (RM18), which was fried eggplant in chilli gravy. Unfortunately, we found some of the braised chicken pieces in the Ayam Tempra (RM28) a bit too tough, while the Telur Cincaluk (RM18) was like a normal omelette and we could barely taste the fermented shrimps of the cincaluk.

Chendol (RM5) was the recommended dessert, and Dr K gave it thumbs-up 🙂 We had a taste of the gula melaka on its own, and thought it was pretty good.


  • Location: 167, Jalan Bunga Raya, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia (Google Maps)
  • Website: Facebook
  • Hrs: 8am – 3pm (closed on Tue)
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​Joe Black Cafe @Surry Hills, Sydney

2016-08-18-09-25-51Since we only had a Matcha Latte take away (check out the cup on the table) from the small Cafe Cre Asion, we decided to turn at the corner into Commonwealth Street and landed on Joe Black Cafe which had a good rating on Google.

The cafe was very cozy and warm with a very community feel to it. On one of the walls (where we were seated), there was a drawing of a train map that became a very interesting talking point for its customers.

We especially loved the warm hospitality of the servers as they get around to take our orders, fetched and topped up our tap waters. The whole lively vibe of the place just boosted our level of likeness for Sydney on a whole!

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Dee Tongue Thai by Rung Mama @Golden Mile Complex

2016-06-13 13.31.31JY brought us to this restaurant for lunch (after our delicious pre-lunch snack), and it was indeed a good decision!

Food here was affordable and delicious, and service was efficient! What we had:

  • Grilled Pork Moo Yang ($12): This was a rather large portion for the price. The pork pieces were tender and juicy.
  • Thai Pork Omelette Kai Jeow Moo ($10): This had reallly good wok-hei, and we loved it!
  • Stir-Fried Water Spinach Pad Boong Fai Daeng ($8): This dish was a tad too spicy for us… Even after picking out the chilli 😮
  • Pineapple Fried Rice Kao Pad Sa Palot Yai ($7 for small, $12 for large): Very fragrant and had a good balance of sweet and savoury.

Note: Only cash is accepted, and water can be purchased for $1 per bottle.


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羅東夜市 Luodong Night Market @Yilan

While at 羅東 Luodong, we must definitely make a visit to the famous 羅東夜市 Luodong Night Market!

There was a free shuttle service 羅東社區免費觀光巴士 that ran between our minsu, the night market and the train/bus stations, so this was what we took to the night market. We got off at the Police Station stop, and it was just a short walk to the night market.

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Kin Dee Restaurant @Mai Khao

So we went on a short vacation (again), after hubby finished his BIG project of the year! This time we went Phuket on accepting an invite from my friend from Marriott Vacation Club!

We took a 25-minute stroll from Marriott Vacation Club to this highly recommended restaurant outside the resort. It was a fairly straight forward route, just turn left upon exiting the main gates, and follow the road till we reached the main road. From there, we turned left again and continue to walk till we past by a tiny local shop. Right across it was an air-conditioned mini-mart, with a small road leading inwards to Kin Dee Restaurant.

We were glad that we made it in time, because barely 10 minutes after we were seated, it started to rain! We enjoyed the food so much that we decided to order in the next day. They deliver directly and free to the resort (we just need to meet them at the gates), and it costs the same as eating in. No additional tax or service charge, making this a cheaper alternative to food within the resort. We did find that food quality dropped for delivery, e.g. fried stuff were no longer as crispy or hot, so a bit of walking is still highly recommended! Or you could pay 500B for a return trip with the local taxi, inclusive of the driver’s waiting time. Not very worth in our opinion, since it was just a 6 minute ride.

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Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant @Meidi-Ya Liang Court

Gyu Suji Omu Rice

Gyu Suji Omu Rice

We were wandering within Liang Court and found Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant rather appealing, with the huge omu rice menu!

The staff offered us samples of the cream, curry and mentai sauces so that we knew what we might be getting ourselves into 😛 Finally, we decided on a Gyu Suji Omu Rice ($16.80, inclusive of GST) and a Roast Demi Omu Rice ($15.80).

Roast Demi Omu Rice

Roast Demi Omu Rice

The tomato rice with the slightly undercooked omelette was quite delicious! The beef stew chunks had looked quite tough, but was much softer than it looked. The beef pieces were quite fatty though, so the meat with fats was quite a good combination for hubby, but I was not such a fan. The roast demi omu rice was 3 deep fried items – prawn, mashed potato, and fish fillet. Eaten while still hot, they were delicious!

For this price, we also had free flow salad (+$2 during lunch), soup and coffee/tea. Really quite value-for-money! The salad bar was quite simple, with lettuce, seaweed, corn, shredded cabbage and spaghetti, and today’s soup was seaweed soup. The salad was a good complement to the omu rice, and we enjoyed the meal!

Note: The shop accepts cash only.


  • Location: 117 River Valley Road Liang Court Shopping Centre #B1-50 S(179030)
  • Hrs: 11am – 10pm
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Bhutan Day 8 – Gangtey to Paro

[Here is the photostream of Bhutan 2013 Day 8, for those who prefer pictures to tell a story. 🙂]

Simple breakfast

Simple breakfast

While waiting for hubby at the lobby, I had a chat with an old lady from California, where we exchanged tips on keeping warm… haha! She advised that we should “heat up our skins” by the fireplace just prior to sleeping, so that our bodies could warm the bed, and that we should heat up our clothes by the fireplace prior to wearing.

We had a light breakfast of long beans, baked beans, barley porridge, muesli and delicious made-to-order cheese omelette (skipped the toast and cornflakes).

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Bhutan Day 4 – Punakha to Bumthang

[Here is the photostream of Bhutan 2013 Day 4, for those who prefer pictures to tell a story. 🙂]

Breakfast was the usual museli and toast, with bananas by the side. We could choose how we wanted our eggs done, and the cheese and mushroom omelette that we ordered was very delicious! We had some time after breakfast, so we went around to take some pictures. There was actually a pretty good view of the valley.

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