Elemen 元素 @Thomson Plaza

We decided to go for a healthier meal today, since we were both sick 😦 We vaguely recalled that there was a new vegetarian restaurant at Thomson Plaza, and made our way down.

As it was the Lunar New Year period, there was a festive set available, and being rather lazy people, we went ahead with the 8-course Abundance Menu 元素丰年套餐 ($88.80++ for 2 pax), which consisted of…

  • Prosperity Black Truffle Yu Sheng 元素黑松露七彩捞生: We were a bit surprised by the size of this! Black pepper flavoured konyaku was used instead of salmon, and the black truffle added an aromatic layer of flavours to this dish.
  • Tomato Bisque with Black Truffle 竹筒番茄忌廉汤: This tangy soup really whet up our appetites! The little bit of black truffle did not seem to do much to enhance the flavours though, or perhaps the tomato flavour was too overpowering.
  • Fa Cai Edamame Tofu with Mountain Yam 发菜豆腐拌铁棍山药: The slightly dense tofu was flavourful, but I felt that the gravy was too salty.
  • Wild Bamboo Fungus with Asparagus 野生竹笙扒露笋: The bamboo fungus had this spongy texture that was very addictive!
  • Fresh Fruits Satay Skewer 鲜果沙爹串: A skewer made up of two sets pineapple cubes, water chestnuts and fried gluten, plus a cherry tomato and capsicum slice for both ends, we were not sure if this qualified to be a “fresh fruit” skewer? The satay sauce was also more salty than spicy. We did not really enjoy this dish.
  • Wild Rice in Lotus Rice 野米荷叶饭: The lovely combination of variety of grains and nuts gave this dish multiple layers of texture, thumbs up!
  • Double-boiled Lemongrass with Peach Gum 香茅炖桃树胶银耳: This sweet soupy hot dessert felt quite nourishing 🙂 We are not really fans of sweet stuff though…
  • Sparkling Honey Yuzu 柚子蜜特调: At first sip, we were reminded of 蛇草水, haha! After stirring well, we had a nicely balanced fizzy drink to end our meal 🙂

  • Location: 301 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Plaza #01-113 S(574408)
  • Websitewww.elemen.com.sg
  • Hrs: 11.30am – 4pm, 5.30pm – 10pm
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