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Half day trip to Monga 艋舺 @Taipei

2016-10-31-08-56-29Today is 初一 (First day of the Lunar month), and our parents wanted to have vegetarian food and visit a temple in the morning.

The famous 龍山寺 Longshan Temple is one of largest and oldest temples in Taiwan, and quite near our hotel, so this was our top choice. Also, there were other places of interests in this Mengjia (Monga) 艋舺 area, so we figured that we would spend the morning here.

We reached 龍山寺 Longshan Temple around 8.30am, and it was already pretty crowded, with prayers on-going, and the whole temple engulfing in incense smell and chantings of prayers.

Once our parents were done, we went to the 祥光健康美食 Xiang Guang Health Delicious Food across the street, which was highly recommended by the hotel staff when we researched for vegetarian food.

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Fu Ju Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant 福俱圆素食餐馆 @Novena Regency


Photo credit: Ms I

I was here for our team lunch, and while we had initially thought that this place was just newly opened, it turned out that it has been opened since Lunar New Year!

For some reason, it appeared to be still not-quite opened whenever we walked past. In fact, most of the seats still had their plastic wrapper intact.

We were the only customers there during lunch today, but we all thought that the food was pretty good! However, the portions were quite haphazard; some large portions seemed smaller than small 😛 Prices ranged from $10 to $20+ per item, depending on size.

The mock meats were all handmade, and pretty good, if not a bit spicy. The cereal beancurd was very fragrant. Overall it was an enjoyable and delicious lunch!


  • Location: 275 Thomson Road Novena Regency #01-07 S(307645)
  • Hrs: 11am – 9:30pm
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Elemen 元素 @Thomson Plaza

We decided to go for a healthier meal today, since we were both sick 😦 We vaguely recalled that there was a new vegetarian restaurant at Thomson Plaza, and made our way down.

As it was the Lunar New Year period, there was a festive set available, and being rather lazy people, we went ahead with the 8-course Abundance Menu 元素丰年套餐 ($88.80++ for 2 pax), which consisted of…
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Teng Bespoke Japanese Vegetarian Dining @Sunshine Plaza

We were intending to go check out Clinton Street Bakery, but passed by Sunshine Plaza and decided to pop in to see if Victor’s Kitchen was available. Oh well, the queue was very long!

We then recalled seeing a Japanese vegetarian restaurant, that we also wanted to try out. The restaurant was split into 2 sides, and has apparently expanded beyond this, as one of staff guided the customers to somewhere out there to their tables 😮 So popular! We were lucky to secure a table as some customers were leaving. We decided to try some of the ala carte items:

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Real Food @Square 2

Yummy Dumplings

Yummy Dumplings

This is the new place that I come to when I need some healthy lunch, because they only serve vegetarian and organic food. In fact, the 3 times that I have been here, I’ve been eating the same thing :p

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Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant 妙益素食楼 @Coronation Plaza

We decided to go healthy today and came to Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant.. wow, haven’t been here since JC days and it’s still going on strong!

Claypot Tofu with Assortment

Claypot Tofu with Assortment

Claypot Tofu with Assortment ($10): The tofu was very smooth! But the fried skin tasted a tad sour-ish. The gravy had a hint of herbal taste, quite delicious! Assortment refers to the peas, mushrooms, yam bits, carrots and wong bok. Continue reading

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