Tamashii Robataya @Clarke Quay

2016-04-26 21.04.25We were looking for a good dinner, and having an excellent experience at Akanoya Robatayaki previously, we decided to check out Tamashii (after reading MissTamChiak’s blog) too!

The location of the restaurant was not the easiest to find even though we had the exact address. It was located on the 2nd floor of The Offshore building but the entrance to the elevator lobby was in such an obscure corner. If not for the clear directions from MissTamChiak’s entry, we would definitely be lost.

For the record, you need to walk along North Canal Road until you reach this side alley with the picture of all the restaurant logos on the wall (see picture) and a direction to Elevator. Then you walk in the direction of the arrow and near the end of the alley you will see a small opening on your right. Push the door open and that’s the elevator lobby where you will take to Level 2. Turn right after getting out and you will see Tamashii. 🙂

We decided on the $188++ per pax set dinner, because the other sets had chicken, and I was avoiding chicken due to my 3-week old cough.

  • AppetisersBeancurd Skin with Wasabi: this was quite addictive with its almost creamy texture, Baby Squid: Very appetising, Chilled Tomato: Sweet and slightly sour, this was really juicy, Oyster with Seagrapes and Citrus: very fresh and plump
  • 5 types of Sashimi: Includes sword fish, salmon belly, tuna belly, yellow tail, marinated baby abalone. All were very fresh, and we liked that the sashimi were just lightly chilled. The fats of the salmon and tuna were oh-so-lovely without being too overpowering. I was just slightly disappointed that my tuna belly and swordfish had a bit of veins in them. 😦
  • Hamaguri with Garlic and Butter: very aromatic, and we could not resist sipping the gravy, haha…
  • Tuna Collar: Our of our favourites, this was full of flavours and best eaten hot, otherwise it may taste a bit fishy when it turns cold. We took the advice of Chef Patrick Tan to heart and wiped it out cleanly and quickly.
  • 2016-04-26 21.00.39 3 types of Vegetables: We were able to select which vegetables we wanted, and we chose mountain yam, asparagus, king oyster mushroom, brussel sprouts, kinshinsai (day lily) and baby egg plants. Mostly delicious, especially the juicy asparagus, mushroom and kinshinsai (our favourite!), but the mountain yam was quite bitter outside, and the brusel sprouts were really quite dry.
  • Saga Beef Don with Truffle and Onsen Egg: We mixed the egg into the rice, and the mouthful of egged rice with the well-marbled beef and very aromatic truffle shavings was an excellent combination! This also made us super full…
  • Dessert: Was supposed to be mochi and ice-cream, but since hubby was not a fan of ice-cream, and I was not a fan of mochi, they offered to replace the dessert with fruits or goma cheesecake. We opted for one each. The black sesame cheesecake was light and the goma flavour was not too intense. The cheesecake had an almost tofu-like texture. We rather enjoyed it. The honeydew was very sweet, and the juicy strawberry was sourish-sweet. Not bad for a lovely ending.

Despite the initial hiccups of items not being available in the menu, seemingly confused staff, and a sudden power trip, the dinner went quite well, with thoughtful staff serving warm and not scalding-hot tea, and ensuring that the oyster and abalone were already removed from the shell.


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