​Half-Day Trip to Brighton Beach @Middle Brighton, Melbourne

2016-08-11-11-57-13The weather seemed quite good today, so we decided to go check out Brighton Beach with its colourful bathing boxes after our wonderful breakfast!

The bathing boxes are known to have existed as far back as 1862, although the current stretch of bathing boxes on the south of Middle Brighton were reconstructed from 1934.

In those days, bathing in the open during daylight hours was strictly prohibited. This led to the construction of bathing boxes or huts which were generally used as a shelter from the sun or wind, changing into and out of swimman easy 23-minute ride away bying costumes and for the safe storing of some personal belongings. Some huts incorporated simple facilities for preparing food and hot drinks by either bottled gas or occasionally mains electricity.

The journey to Brighton Beach was quite simple. We recommend to take the train on the Sandringham Line from Flinders Street Station to Brighton Beach Station which takes around 23 minutes (~A$8 using mykicard). From the station, it’s an easy 17 minutes walk along the beach to the row of bathing boxes.

You would be walking from the end of the bathing boxes in this route (they are numbered, and we started from Number 90). When you reached the start, it would be a slow walk to Middle Brighton Station where you can take the train back to the city. Of course you could do the reverse and start from Middle Brighton Station so that you could stroll the boxes sequentially. 🙂


Besides being brightly-coloured (and hence attracted many wedding couples to come here and take wedding photographs), some had very interesting designs on the doors. Hubby had lots and lots of fun, as you can see from the pictures, haha!

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