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해운대 Haeundae 海雲台 @Busan, South Korea

IMG_2199After visiting the gorgeous 해동용궁사 Haedong Yonggungsa Temple 海東龍宮寺, we decided to head to 해운대전통시장 Haeundae Traditional Market 海雲台傳統市場 for lunch. It was a 25-minute cab ride (₩9,800).

We reached before 12 noon, and the area was still quite empty. We checked out the market to see what fresh produce the locals were selling, as well as some shops selling cutesy items (socks!!!).

There were a lot of seafood eateries, and we had originally wanted to try the 곰장어 hagfish/blind eel 盲鰻, but the eateries seemed to be all empty, and we were not sure which one to choose.

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​Day trip to Manly, Sydney

2016-08-21-07-58-59We woke up bright and early this Sunday morning to catch a tram at Townhall Station to Circular Quay for the 8.10am ferry to Manly.

On Sundays, it is a flat A$2.50 for all-day travel using Opal card (if you tap on and off correctly), so it will save you a bit of money if you plan your day trips on Sundays because the normal ferry ride to Manly is A$7 one-way (Opal card is not valid for the fast ferry).

Since we thought the rest of the world might be thinking the same thing, we thought that it might be a good idea to have an early start, and have our breakfast before visiting the Manly Weekend Market, which starts at 10am.

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​Half-Day Trip to Brighton Beach @Middle Brighton, Melbourne

2016-08-11-11-57-13The weather seemed quite good today, so we decided to go check out Brighton Beach with its colourful bathing boxes after our wonderful breakfast!

The bathing boxes are known to have existed as far back as 1862, although the current stretch of bathing boxes on the south of Middle Brighton were reconstructed from 1934.

In those days, bathing in the open during daylight hours was strictly prohibited. This led to the construction of bathing boxes or huts which were generally used as a shelter from the sun or wind, changing into and out of swimman easy 23-minute ride away bying costumes and for the safe storing of some personal belongings. Some huts incorporated simple facilities for preparing food and hot drinks by either bottled gas or occasionally mains electricity.

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