Hong Kong 2017

img_4437A Jetstar promo got us packing for a short trip to Hong Kong 🙂

The 10am flight meant that we could have some proper rest before going to the airport for a hearty breakfast. Since it was yet another chillax trip, we actually re-visited some of our favourite places.

And thanks (but no thanks) to typhoon, we actually had to stay in the hotel on the 2nd last day and had afternoon tea in the hotel, and spam ancient Hong Kong movies in bed! First time we encountered typhoon no 8 in Hong Kong!

Day 1 (Thu)

  • Took the Airport Express to Kowloon Station, where we took the complimentary bus shuttle to The Cityview Hotel.
  • After check-in, we made our way to our usual favourite haunts 龍津美食 and 金華冰廳 Kam Wah Cafe for some pre-dinner snacks (see previous trip here and here)
  • Dinner at ​四季煲仔飯 Four Seasons Pot Rice (see previous trip here)
  • Visited Temple Market
  • Drinks at Kubrick Cafe

Day 2 (Fri)

Day 3 (Sat)

  • Breakfast at 輝香園
  • Half day trip to 西貢 Sai Kung
  • Lunch at 一點心 One Dim Sum (see previous trip here for One Dim Sum, Dim Dim Sum and Chee Kei)
  • Snack from 奇趣餅家
  • Dinner at  池記 Chee Kei (see previous trip here for One Dim Sum, Dim Dim Sum and Chee Kei)
  • Post-dinner snack at am.pm Hong Kong

Day 4 (Sun)

  • Breakfast at 通達食店
  • Spent the day in hotel and had afternoon tea because of the typhoon
  • Snacks from 和藏桂林夜市
  • Supper at 通達食店

Day 5 (Mon)

  • Breakfast at 通達食店
  • Early lunch at 生記粥麵
  • Snacked at Hong Kong International Airport before flight
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