YamCha Hong Kong Dim Sum @Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Our first stop was breakfast at YamCha Hong Kong Dim Sum, where we tried Pan-fried pork bun 菜肉香味生煎包, ChaoZhou Mai 潮州烧卖, Chives Bean Curd Skin 韭菜腐皮饼, Coriander Siew Mai 香茜菜, Crystal shrimp ball 水晶虾球 and 三大民族, which was a mix of 3 different teas (甘草菊普) (Total RM34.50).

We thought the dim sum tasted quite different from the ones we usually have. In general, they were more meaty with barely a hint of the vegetables. We prefer this dim sum place to the one that we tried previously. In particular, we enjoyed the ChaoZhou Mai and Chives Beancurd Skin.

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