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Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant @Meidi-Ya Liang Court

Gyu Suji Omu Rice

Gyu Suji Omu Rice

We were wandering within Liang Court and found Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant rather appealing, with the huge omu rice menu!

The staff offered us samples of the cream, curry and mentai sauces so that we knew what we might be getting ourselves into 😛 Finally, we decided on a Gyu Suji Omu Rice ($16.80, inclusive of GST) and a Roast Demi Omu Rice ($15.80).

Roast Demi Omu Rice

Roast Demi Omu Rice

The tomato rice with the slightly undercooked omelette was quite delicious! The beef stew chunks had looked quite tough, but was much softer than it looked. The beef pieces were quite fatty though, so the meat with fats was quite a good combination for hubby, but I was not such a fan. The roast demi omu rice was 3 deep fried items – prawn, mashed potato, and fish fillet. Eaten while still hot, they were delicious!

For this price, we also had free flow salad (+$2 during lunch), soup and coffee/tea. Really quite value-for-money! The salad bar was quite simple, with lettuce, seaweed, corn, shredded cabbage and spaghetti, and today’s soup was seaweed soup. The salad was a good complement to the omu rice, and we enjoyed the meal!

Note: The shop accepts cash only.


  • Location: 117 River Valley Road Liang Court Shopping Centre #B1-50 S(179030)
  • Hrs: 11am – 10pm
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