Taipei Trip Day 5 (Tuesday)


FInal day in Taipei!

FInal day in Taipei!

Today is our final day in Taipei and our flight was 3:35pm. We planned to reach the airport 3 hours before departure, so we had plenty of time in the morning.

Morning was basically slept-in till 8am, enjoyed room facilities (Nespresso and the super nice tea bags provided) with cheesecake bought from 7-11 just behind the hotel the night before.

Checked out around 10:40am, went to top up EasyCard at 7-11 (discovered last night that 大有客运 Airbus #1961 had started to accept EasyCard payment since this month, lucky us!) and reached the bus stop outside Formosa Regent Hotel within 10min. Bus #1961 runs at intervals of 30min on weekdays and we caught the bus at 10:55am (NT90). It was then a smooth-sailing ride with no jam all the way to Terminal 1. Whole journey took 65min (airport website estimated 70-90min, hotel advised it could take 2 hours during peak hours), so we were definitely in time to catch our flight at 3:35pm!

Check-in was fast since we were the first in line… haha!

After check-in, it was time for lunch at the food court and more last minute shopping of 鳳梨酥 (Pineapple Tarts), 鐵蛋 (Iron Eggs), etc. EasyCard is accepted in the food court, so we were trying to use up the balance as well….

  • 脆皮大雞排 (Large Crispy Chicken Cutlet – NT60): Not super large but it was crispy and unfortunately, with bones! I walked past the stall later and saw another item with the word “boneless”, so I have concluded that unless I see the word boneless, I have to assume that the chicken meat may come with bones… different from Singapore!
  • 大腸包小腸 (Glutinous Rice with Sausage – NT60): Not bad, but the sausage we had at Jingtong was better… We missed it already!
  • 新竹炒米粉 (Hsinchu Fried Vermicelli/Beehoon – NT35): Felt kind of cheated because it is the normal beehoon. We thought Hsinchu beehoon are supposed to be the super thin type… But other than this complaint, the beehoon actually tasted pretty good.
  • 原味貢丸漡 (Original Meat Ball Soup – NT35): Oh! The soup was nice and the meat ball delicious too 🙂

This was our last meal in Taipei…. not too fantastic, but still passable. Looking forward to our next trip 🙂

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