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​鸭肉扁 Ya Rou Bian @Taipei

2016-10-29-22-23-04We had our super late dinner at 鸭肉扁 Ya Rou Bian, a rather established restaurant commonly featured in guide books. Despite having “duck” as the restaurant name, this place actually specializes in goose meat.

The restaurant underwent a facelift and definitely looked much more modern than when we first tried it in 2009.

The prices also unfortunately went for a lift, with noodles or beehoon going for NT$60 per bowl, NT$300 for a goose leg, and NT$1200~1400 (S$54~63) for half a goose.

The beehoon was the 新竹 style finely thin strands which we like, and the soup was quite flavourful. However, the goose meat was quite tough. Kind of sad that prices went up but standards went down…


  • Location: 台北市萬華區中華路一段98之2號, No. 98-2, Section 1, Zhonghua Rd, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108 (Google Maps)
  • Nearest MRT: Ximen Station 捷運西門站 (Take Exit 6)
  • Hrs: 10am – 10pm
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Putien Restaurant 莆田菜馆 @Kitchener Road

We discovered our expiring Putien return voucher, and very promptly made reservations at the Kitchener Road branch, haha! Also because it just won itself a 1-Star in the 2016 Michelin Guide Singapore!

2016-07-28 20.42.37

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Sembawang Traditional Claypot Rice@Sembawang

2016-07-10 12.38.14So we decided to pop by afterall!

We were actually not really hungry, and thought that it would be difficult to tabao the claypot rice if we could not finish it, hence we had:

  • San Lou Been Hoon 三楼米粉 ($4.80 nett for small): The other item with the largest picture on the wall, the exterior crispy charred bits with the soft bee hoon inside was yummy!
  • Salted Egg Sotong 咸香苏东 ($12.80): The coating was excellent, for it was very fragrant, and not at all sweet! Many times, the salted egg concoction was more sweet than salty, but this was not the case. You could taste and see the salted egg yolk goodness, the real stuff! Unfortunately, the sotong was a tad too overcooked.
  • Qing Long Cai 青龙菜 ($12.80): We liked the homely feel of this dish, and this veggie was a bit like chives, with a bit of crunch.
  • Teh C Kosong ($1.60): Oh my, finally a decent cup from the usual places where I get my usual teh c kosong!

Note: Warm water is available at 20 cents per cup. We could not finish the food and ended up tabao-ing, incurring an additional 50 cents for 2 plastic boxes (not too sure if there would be additional charges if we opted for plastic bags instead). Only cash is accepted here.


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阿永小吃店 Ah Yong Eatery @Taipei

Since we were going to Hoto Cafe later in the day, we figured that we should check out the area near it for lunch. There was only one small eatery nearby, but we figured it should not be too bad as there were consistently customers going in and out of the place.

We tried the 肉丝炒米粉 Beehoon Stir-fried with Sliced Pork (NT70), and a plate of 炒花枝 Stir-fried Squid (NT150). The bee hoon tasted like 新竹米粉, which we like, and the celery with squid had a lovely wok hei to it. This was a simple, homely, and delicious meal 🙂


  • Location: 台北市中山區南京東路一段13巷7弄2之9號1樓, No. 6, Alley 7, Lane 13, Section 1, Nanjing East Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 104
  • Nearest MRT: Zhongshang Station 捷運中山站 (Take Exit 2 and walk 8mins, its between Okura Prestige Hotel and Regent Hotel )
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Leong Ji Seafood 量記海鮮豐食館 @Punggol Settlement

We have been wanting to check out Punggol Settlement, but unfortunately, it was really out of the way for someone without a car, and our friends did not really express interest in going 😦 So when Mr L suggested a double date, we readily agreed!

It was… REALLY Far!

The views were also sadly disappointing, partly due to the haze, and partly because the sea view was really, erm, just looking at the construction. Aiyah, I had thought that the views were lovely! Luckily the couple didn’t take my suggestion to have some pre-wedding photo shoot earlier this year.. Haha…

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Hualong Fishhead Steamboat 華龍鱼頭爐 @AMK

White beehoon

White beehoon

This is currently the place we go to whenever we have cravings for seafood white beehoon, especially when the queue at Sembawang is really getting far too long.

Located at i Coffee Shop just opposite AMKHub (Blk 347 to be exact), it is fairly easy to get to, and we have always managed to find seats without much hassle.

Hualong Fishhead Steamboat (華龍鱼頭爐) is the zhi char stall, and while we did enjoy the steamboat (which they are famous for), we much preferred the white beehoon! This version is of course, not quite the same as the Sembawang version, however, the $6.50 small version is delicious enough with lots of seafood, like prawns, sotong, and lala, all served on old-school banana leaf!

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Yum Saap @Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok

We needed to have more Thai food! And since we also needed to shop more, we ended up at Yum Saap inside Platinum Fashion Mall.

Yum Saap is a chain restaurant in Bangkok, and there are quite a few branches in the various shopping malls.

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Sembawang White Beehoon @Sembawang

Lunch spread!

Lunch spread!

After our mini brunch (actually we had wanted to come straight from home, but alas, this place only opens from 11.30am, and we were really getting hungry), we made our way to You Huak Restaurant (友发餐室, better known as Sembawang White Beeboon! We made sure to reach slightly before 11.30am, because we were worried about the crazy crowds, especially when it was showcased in the newspapers a few weeks ago (when they announced another branch at Punggol).

We managed to reach around 11.25am and got the last table! So happy that we did not have to queue 🙂 Seems like they opened much earlier today, as some of the people were almost done with their food. We were just settling down and browsing the menu when, just like magic, at 11.30am sharp, a queue suddenly formed, stretching the entire length of the shop 😮

We settled for White Beehoon ($8 for medium size), Sambal Pedas (臭豆, $7 for small size), Sambal Lala ($8 for small size), and my favourite Sour Plum drink ($2.20), while hubby had mineral water as usual ($1.20).

Food arrived rather quickly, just like the previous few times that we were here. While the beehoon was still delicious, we felt that the rich seafood gravy was too little today, and was not enough to give the beehoon a really good soak. Today’s sambal lala was alright, and I still think the version at Causarina Road is the best! The pedas was delicious as usual 🙂 I just hope that the standards will not keep sliding…

If you are thinking of trying the beehoon here, it would be best to come before 11.30am, or at odd hours like 3pm, to avoid the crazy queues. But if the queue is really too long, there are still many other food options nearby… In fact, the restaurant next door offers its own version of “wet white beehoon”, but this version is definitely not comparable.

Note: There is no GST or service charge.


  • Location: 22 Jalan Tampang (Opp Sembawang Shopping Centre) S(758966)
  • Hrs: 11:30am – 10:30pm (Thu-Tue)
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Cambridge Day Trip

On our way!

On our way!

Off to Hogwarts!

Off to Hogwarts!

It was a lovely day to venture out to Cambridge, and we had pre-booked our off-peak return train tickets (£16) and discounted punting tickets (25% upfront) online the previous night, so we were all ready to go!

It was quite easy to print out the tickets from the vending machine at London King’s Cross station, and we had time to visit the famous Platform 9¾ to take some pictures! Of course we chose to be Gryffindors!

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Koon Buk Kut Teh (坤)肉骨茶 @Cheong Chin Nam Road

Signature Bak Kuk Teh

Signature Bak Kuk Teh

In the area to meet friends and decided to check out the food options along this stretch of road (which has changed a fair bit due to the construction of Downtown Line, and sadly, our favourite Liu Sha Bao is GONE!!).

The bak kut teh signboard caught our attention and we decided to give it a go, despite the lack of crowd.

The interior was simple, and kind of reminded us of the Malaysian-styled kopi tiams which we saw in Malacca and Penang – simple in ambience but winning customers over through good food. Would this BKT shop give us the same experience?

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