Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice @Tiong Bahru

Long queue!

Long queue!

Lots of dishes to pick

Lots of dishes to pick

We read about this place in the Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail guide (it’s both a walking guide and a food guide) and we absolutely had to try it!!

The stall is located in a coffee shop just opposite Tiong Bahru Food Centre. Although there are other stalls in the coffee shop, none had the long queue! Seems like everyone was here specifically for the curry rice! And who can fault them? Curry rice with the famous Hainanese pork chop, huge piece of bean curd and braised cabbage, all for the price of $4.20!

Yummy curry rice!

Yummy curry rice!

The crispy and juicy pork chop had a hint of cinnamon taste and was thick enough for a good chew! It remained crispy enough to the end of our meal, despite being drenched in curry 🙂

The bean curd was soft and had a smooth texture, just right for us. The curry was not too spicy, but was a tad salty and we were glad that we had ordered the cabbage which made the meal feel less heavy. The rice however, was kinda sticky, so we didn’t like it much.

The queue was quite constant of around 10-15 people throughout our meal, so it was not super long. They were also quite efficient and we did get our food quickly.


  • Location: 71 Seng Poh Road #01-49 S(160071)
  • Hrs: 7.45am – 2.30pm or till sold out (closed on alternate Tuesday)


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