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Handlebar @Sembawang

Our friend offered to drive us somewhere ulu for dinner, and we figured that the Handlebar was definitely located at an ulu enough place, and almost inaccessible at night without a ride. We did walk to this place during broad daylight before, back when Bottle Tree Village was still around, and it was a fair bit of walk! So much easier with a car 😀

2016-07-30 20.42.44We were seated by one of the benches, and it was fortunate that we had called in advance to make reservations, for it was full house tonight!

  • Blossom Onions ($12++): Crispy and sweet, this was an very enjoyable starter for sharing.
  • Cocaine Wings ($14++): We opted for 3 mild and 3 medium heat levels. Depending on your taste buds, mild was too hot for hubby, medium was very acceptable to our friend, and I thought that medium heat had a lingering spicy aftertaste that lasted quite a while.
  • Righteous Ribs ($28++): The meat was tender, and potatoes were very nice! The side salad was a welcome green for our overly carnivorous meal.
  • Slap Yo Momma Pork Chop ($26++): We opted for a mix of both fried and grilled bone-in pork loin. The fried version was really good, but inside the crispy surface lay a very thick and juicy pork loin. The grilled version was a tad too dry, except for the fatty parts.

We liked the environment, and it was very relaxing to chill here. Water was available freely.


  • Location: 57 Jalam Mempurong S(759057)
  • Hrs: 5pm – 1am (Tue-Thu), 5pm – 2am (Fri), 3pm – 2am (Sat), 3pm – 1am (Sun)
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Pepper Steakhouse & Bistro @Great World City

I was attending a conference in Grand Corpthorne Waterfront Hotel and so we ended up in Great World City for dinner!

We were just walking around and sighted Pepper Steakhouse which looked promising (plus there is a One-For-One starters promotion… 🙂 hehe).

I wanted to order a lamb dish but they ran out of lamb. So we ordered:

  • Crispy Blue Swimmer Crab Cake ($12) – The crab cake was done perfectly with the outer crush crispy and the patty juicy.
  • Australian Grass-Fed Beef Carpaccio ($10) – The beef slices were so thinly cut and marinated with vinegar and olive oil to give a delectable crunch when you bite it in with the cheese flakes and arugula. Very nice indeed!
  • Australian Grass-Fed Angus Tenderloin ($36) – The beef was prepared medium-rared but you don’t get the blood oozing all out. Paired with the mushroom sauce and we got a satisfying piece of meat. The steak-cut fries were free-flowed but we could hardly finish the first helping. 🙂
  • Caramelized Kurobuta Pork Chop ($28) – The pork chop was just normal.

  • Location: 1 Kim Seng Promenade Great World City #01-66/67 S(237994)
  • Hrs: 10am – 10:30pm (Mon-Fri), 9am – 10:30pm (Sat-Sun)
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Grill Garden @The Central

Funny how there are so many buffet restaurants here at The Central!

Wanting to have something not too heavy, we chanced upon Grill Garden. It was a small shop without GST and service charge, so the prices look very affordable! Oh, and each main comes with fruit and salad!

We decided to order the Boneless Grilled Chicken Whole Leg with Baguette ($7.70), a Thai style Pork Chop ($10.80), and Bacon Asparagus ($3.90) to share. Water is chargeable at $0.30 but refillable.

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Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice @Tiong Bahru

Long queue!

Long queue!

Lots of dishes to pick

Lots of dishes to pick

We read about this place in the Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail guide (it’s both a walking guide and a food guide) and we absolutely had to try it!!

The stall is located in a coffee shop just opposite Tiong Bahru Food Centre. Although there are other stalls in the coffee shop, none had the long queue! Seems like everyone was here specifically for the curry rice! And who can fault them? Curry rice with the famous Hainanese pork chop, huge piece of bean curd and braised cabbage, all for the price of $4.20!

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