Old Airport Road Market & Food Centre

I was in the east for work and we decided to have a local dinner for tonight! It’s National Day after all 🙂 Happy Birthday Singapore!!

It was really crowded on a Saturday evening, and the snake-long queues in front of the more popular stalls were quite daunting. We decided to eat one dish at a time 🙂

  • 億勝功夫 (#01-100): For $6, we got a plate of oyster egg with at least 6 huge fresh oysters! Yummy! The egg was slightly salty though, but overall quite value-for-money. Much better than what we had at Maxwell Food Centre!
  • BJ Grill Seafood 海鲜铁板烧 (#01-118): We were attracted by the Hot Plate Cheese Sotong ($10) and decided to order the BBQ Stingray ($10) from this stall too. I think it could be cheese anything, because the guy came to us to verify if we had ordered cheese lala (not on signboard) or cheese sotong. While waiting, we shared a Grass Jelly Drink ($0.80) from 泉@Cool Cafe next door (#01-117). Well, grass jelly drink is pretty standard and refreshing as always 🙂 The cheese sotong was bubbling hot when it arrived… Not overly cheesy and the cheese with onion mixture was quite appetizing. The sotong was still tender, and we enjoyed the dish! The stingray, unfortunately, was simply way too spicy! So spicy that we ended up scrapping away all the chilli and coating it with cheese… Haha!
  • 上海小笼包 (#01-130): We walked past a few times and kept seeing the ladies making the dumplings non-stop. That must mean that business is pretty good, right? So that means that the food should be pretty decent, right? And so, we simply had to try it, so we ended up ordering the 韭菜水饺 ($4 for 10 pieces). Wow, the juicy goodness was squirting out as we took our first bites. Awesome! The skin wasn’t too thick, and the meat wasn’t overly fatty. Could do with a bit more of the chives though. But we were glad that we tried it!

Actually, hubby felt that this market is really quite like the 士林夜市of Taipei. We just grabbed a seat, ordered a dish, finished it up and moved on to another table near the next stall that we wanted to try – stall hopping (just like cafe hopping… Haha).



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