Koon Buk Kut Teh (坤)肉骨茶 @Cheong Chin Nam Road

Signature Bak Kuk Teh

Signature Bak Kuk Teh

In the area to meet friends and decided to check out the food options along this stretch of road (which has changed a fair bit due to the construction of Downtown Line, and sadly, our favourite Liu Sha Bao is GONE!!).

The bak kut teh signboard caught our attention and we decided to give it a go, despite the lack of crowd.

The interior was simple, and kind of reminded us of the Malaysian-styled kopi tiams which we saw in Malacca and Penang – simple in ambience but winning customers over through good food. Would this BKT shop give us the same experience?

We first tried the Signature Bak Kut Teh 招牌肉骨茶 ($8). There were 3 options for BKT and we chose the most expensive option based on the pictures – it has 2 long ribs (龙骨) instead of a mixture of smaller pieces of meat. In our opinion, the long rib is the best! It turned out that we were happy with our option as we enjoyed the ribs! However, the soup was way too peppery and spicy, without any real flavours.

Signature Pork Trotter Bee Hoon

Signature Pork Trotter Bee Hoon

Pork Rice

Pork Rice

We also ordered their Signature Pork Trotter Bee Hoon 招牌猪脚米粉 and Pork Rice 鲁肉饭.

The pork trotter bee hoon was very salty which is quite authentic Hokkien-style because it’s cooked in dark soy sauce. The pork rice was passable but not memorable. Overall, I am not sure if we will come back again because although the ribs were nice, the soup wasn’t, and the other dishes were just ok. Haha…


  • Location: 10 Cheong Chin Nam Road S(599735)
  • Websitewww.facebook.com/koonbkt
  • Hrs: 11am – 10:30pm (Tue-Fri, Sun), 11am – 12am (Sat)
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