Soi 19 Thai Wanton Mee @AMK

Queued for 15mins!

Queued for 15mins!

The famous Soi 19 wanton noodles has arrived in Singapore!

Soi 19 (19 街) is apparently a very popular wanton noodles near Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok. But of course we didn’t know that since it was ages ago that we went to Bangkok. After hearing about this place from Ms W, we gotta come here and try it!

At around 9.15am when we arrived on a nice Sat morning, there was already a snake-long queue formed! However, the queue moved along quite fast and we managed to get our noodles after a 15 minutes wait.

The menu was simple: Regular 小 ($3.50 with one fried wanton, 2 soup wanton, char siew and leafy vegetable), Medium 中 ($4 with extra noodles) or Large 大 ($5 with extra noodles, ingredients and Chinese sausage or lup cheong).

We also found out later that you could order a Regular and top up a dollar for the yummily-fried lup cheong!

So much ingredients!

So much ingredients!

The noodles were served dry and tossed in some oil and bits of fried pork lard, that’s all. Absolutely no sauce, no gravy, nothing wet.

The overall texture was not as springy as the Hong Kong style, but also not lumpy. I loved that there was absolutely no alkaline taste that was commonly associated with yellow noodles. Both the soup and fried wantons were generously filled with ingredients, unlike those lots of thick skin with very little meat type that we usually get at other wanton mee stalls. Green chilli, dry chilli powder and extra fried pork lard and lots of condiments were available by the side.

It was a great meal to start our day with! We actually enjoyed soaking in the atmosphere of this coffee shop, that was really bustling with human traffic but yet the seating was spacious, and the entire place was very brightly lit. The dim sum stall was also very innovative, pushing a cart of freshly made polo buns and making rounds to sell them. It was rather well-received, as many people were sitting around and waiting for their families or friends in the queue for the delicious wanton mee.

Kopi-c here was not very good, but I enjoyed my teh-c very much. It could be very difficult to get a good cup of teh-c with the right balance of tea flavour and evaporated milk 🙂


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