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Full of Luck Club 福乐 @Holland Village

So we were a day too early previously for its soft launch, and we were back today to check out this place on its official launch day!

Full of Luck Club Canto Kitchen & Bao Bar is opened by the same people behind Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant and it’s signature is mini Baos 包, much like the Little Bao in Hong Kong.

On a Friday early evening on its launch day, it was more than 75% filled on the ground floor, and we were led upstairs where there were plenty of seats.

A hugggggggeeeee cat figurine welcomed us as we climbed the stairs!

Once we were comfortably seated, we were introduced to the signature dishes, and given a few minutes to think about our choices.

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Half day trip to Railway Market and Floating Market @Bangkok

Happy couple!

Happy couple!

Today would be our activity day!

We had breakfast with bread bought from the 7-11 store just beside the hotel when we came back last night after a long day of shopping and walking around Chinatown.

We had 8 adults and 3 children, so we managed to pre-book a half day tour in advance, and the driver-cum-tour-guide came to our hotel to pick us up in a very comfortable van.

The first stop was the Mae Klong Railway Market, and we had close to 45 minutes to wonder around the market before the scheduled train arrival.

Most tourists were at the stalls lined along the railway tracks, but there were actually many more stalls behind them, much like our local wet market.

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Hong Kong 2014 Day 1

The prelude:

2014-03-06 08.22.20-1

This was a rather spur-of-the-moment kind of a trip, where the Whatsapp conversation basically went…

  • Me: Scoot having $20 one way ticket sale today and tomorrow.
  • Ms. W: Oooo go where?
  • Me: Got HK, China, Australia.
  • Ms. W: Where u like? U interested?
  • Me: Huh? I all like? Lol
  • Ms. W: Then must chop chop make decision liao.

And so, in less than 3 hours, we booked tickets for 5 pax, including Ms. Y, who first announced that she could make it, and then asked where we were going and who were going -_-”

We also decided to stay at Royal Plaza Hotel 帝京酒店 since it was rather difficult to find big rooms for 3 pax and we had a good experience with this hotel previously.

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L’Rez @Nanyang Polytechnic

Here again!

Here again!

This time round, it was to meet an old friend!

So we tried to make a reservation but reservations were full, and we were advised to try walking in at 11:30am. And we did, but it was not full leh! Haha…

L’Rez has been teaming up with more local celebrity chefs in the “Celebrity Chef Series”. After Violet Oon, there was Chef Michael from Brussels Sprouts Group, Celebrity “Chef-in-Black” Emmanuel Stroobant from Saint Pierre and Celebrity Chef Eric Teo from Mandarin Oriental. Good reviews were heard from diners and this proves to be a great opportunity for students to learn from the best!

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