Pince & Pints @Duxton

Simple menu

Simple menu

We were told of this place when we went cafe hopping with Ms J quite a while ago but we never had the chance to visit. And then we went London and visited Burger & Lobster. And then we thought: should we still visit Pince & Pints, given that B&L was the best that we had visited?

So the chance came for the comparison and we gladly went ahead to try after we came back from Bangkok!

The space is not that big, and they don’t take reservations. And diners have only 1.5 hours to finish your meal so that they can get more people to try their lobsters! Deco is very simple and industrial, and they do have alfresco seats but I think they are more for people who wants to drink while waiting for their seats.

The concept is very similar to B&L in that they only serve 3 dishes. But instead of burgers, they served Chilli Lobster (ala Chilli Crab), together with Live Whole Lobster (Grilled or Baked) and Lobster Roll, all at S$48++ each. At approximately £23, these are more expensive than B&L, but are they worth that much?

Of course we had to order all 3 just so that we can savour all at one go. The final verdict (for those who can’t wait): the lobsters were good but not quite as good.

The bread that came with the lobster roll didn’t come across as soft enough and the lobster in the Chilli Lobster was not as fresh; the meat was not firm and torn easily. The Baked Lobster was quite well done, but it just didn’t give us the same satisfied feeling we had at B&L (maybe its really the location…).

So will we come back again? Probably not. We would love to try B&L again though… Haha… 🙂


  • Location: 32 Duxton Rd S(089496)
  • Hrs: 5pm – 11pm (Mon-Fri), 12pm – 11pm (Sat)
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