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The Cajun King @Serangoon

Dinner spread!

Dinner spread!

We had walked past The Cajun Kings during our previous trip to Wimbly Lu, and thought that we should check it out 🙂 It was full house during the weekday evening when we visited around 7pm. We did not really feel like eating the combos, so these were what we had:

  • Deviled Crab Cakes ($18++): Easily our favourite of the evening 🙂 Made with claw meat, grated egg, jalapena, and deep fried, the crab cakes were juicy and the crab meat tasted fresh.
  • Very pinkish... no?

    Very pinkish… no?

    Lobster Roll ($34++): Supposed to be made from Maine lobster and served with brioche, we still think that Burger & Lobster was way better, and even the one at Market Grill was better. Well, we preferred this than the one we had at Pince & Pints. We did not really like the brioche here.

  • Southern Fried Chicken ($12++): The chicken appeared to be abit under-cooked, and the meat near the bones was very pinkish.The waitress assured us that they were definitely cooked though.

Water is free here, and we also appreciated the long stretch of basin to wash our hands before and after the meal 🙂


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Pince & Pints @Duxton

Simple menu

Simple menu

We were told of this place when we went cafe hopping with Ms J quite a while ago but we never had the chance to visit. And then we went London and visited Burger & Lobster. And then we thought: should we still visit Pince & Pints, given that B&L was the best that we had visited?

So the chance came for the comparison and we gladly went ahead to try after we came back from Bangkok!

The space is not that big, and they don’t take reservations. And diners have only 1.5 hours to finish your meal so that they can get more people to try their lobsters! Deco is very simple and industrial, and they do have alfresco seats but I think they are more for people who wants to drink while waiting for their seats.

The concept is very similar to B&L in that they only serve 3 dishes. But instead of burgers, they served Chilli Lobster (ala Chilli Crab), together with Live Whole Lobster (Grilled or Baked) and Lobster Roll, all at S$48++ each. At approximately £23, these are more expensive than B&L, but are they worth that much?

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Burger & Lobster @36 Dean Street

Simple pleasures

Simple pleasures

We had a late start this morning and decided we must go to Burger & Lobster for lunch!

Well, you see, everyone who has gone to London (and back) says this is a must-go restaurant whenever you are in London (together with Duck & Waffle and Patty & Bun)! The food menu is very simple, there are only 3 items. In fact, there isn’t a menu! The waitress simply come by your table and explain the very simple 3 items to the table. For £20, you could order:

  • a Whole Lobster (steamed or grilled),
  • a Lobster Roll, or
  • a Beef Burger

Ah, £20 for a burger? No thanks 😛

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