Grill Garden @The Central

Funny how there are so many buffet restaurants here at The Central!

Wanting to have something not too heavy, we chanced upon Grill Garden. It was a small shop without GST and service charge, so the prices look very affordable! Oh, and each main comes with fruit and salad!

We decided to order the Boneless Grilled Chicken Whole Leg with Baguette ($7.70), a Thai style Pork Chop ($10.80), and Bacon Asparagus ($3.90) to share. Water is chargeable at $0.30 but refillable.

The water melon slices were the first to arrive… Sweet and thirst-quenching, it helped to alleviate our hunger a little :p

The portions of the main seemed quite small, but were quite filling. The chicken was very juicy, but the bread was so-so, and the curry was a tad too salty and spicy. We loved the egg in omelette style though! The “salad” was basically iceberg lettuce with a sweet dressing, and was quite refreshing!

The pork chop looked deep fried and we were initially worried that it would be very tough. Surprisingly, the pork chop was really tender and delicious! We were rather impressed. We were not too sure where the Thai part was, until we tried the bean thread noodles (was like glass vermicelli) with sambal… tangy and spicy, it was quite addictive! Be careful about stirring all the sambal in though, as it could get quite spicy. This main also came with 2 crispy prawn croquettes, best eaten while hot!

The bacon asparagus took a while to arrive. While the 2 skewers looked like half the size of the picture in the menu, it was one of the best bacon asparagus we ever had! They used the thick version of asparagus, wrapped with a thin layer of bacon; it was not overly salty but superb duper crunchy! Made me feel like trying the other bacon-wrapped items, but we did not feel like waiting for more food.

In all, it was a really pleasant and value-for-money find! The grilled items were really quite exceptional for such a price 🙂


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