P.S. Cafe @Dempsey Hill

It seemed like a trip to Dempsey Hill without visiting P.S. Cafe would seem like an incomplete visit, since everyone raves so much about it.

Fresh Mint Moroccan Tea, Iced Wildberries Tea and Coconut Bakewell Tart

Fresh Mint Moroccan Tea, Iced Wildberries Tea and Coconut Bakewell Tart

So this became our last stop prior to dinner, with an order of hot Fresh Mint Moroccan Tea ($7.50++), Iced Wildberries Tea ($9.50++) and a slice of Coconut Bakewell Tart ($13++).

The first impressions were that the service crew really need to stay alert even during lull periods. Hot tea was served in a plunger without a cup, and the tart was served with no forks. We had to eat with our hands, perhaps? The cup appeared shortly after tea was served, but the forks never did, so eventually we had to try to locate a staff, which proved to be rather difficult as well, since they do not seem to want to make eye contact with the customers *faintz*

The iced wildberries tea tasted strangely like dried Chinese logans, but I liked that it wasn’t overly sweet, and the tart berries gave a refreshing twist to the drink. Hubby’s mint tea was very minty indeed! The soft tart was definitely coconuty, but I thought it tasted rather powdery. There was a very thin layer of berry-flavoured bits near the base, but did not make much difference to the taste.

This was not a bad place to chill, but we definitely preferred HOUSE.


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