Bardoque Cafe @Upper Thomson

Blue Oysters

Blue Oysters

We remembered the hugeeeee beef ribs that we had at Bardoque some time back, and were keen to try some of the other dishes.

  • Blue Oysters ($12.50): There were easily 30 oysters fried in batter… yummilicious! It would be better to share this among a few friends though, as we had difficulty trying to finish so many at one go.
  • Lambergini ($28): There were 4 pieces of grilled lamb, so again, it could be a dish for sharing. Hubby enjoyed the lamb very much! As usual, I thought it was quite gamey, and I did not really like the super fatty parts.

While the food prices were definitely reasonable, we discovered that warm water actually cost $2 here 😮 Cold water came in the form of bottled water. The other drinks were comparable to other cafe prices. I guess the food and drinks prices kinda balance out after all.


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