Nikunohi ニクノヒ @Suntec

Sizzling beef

Sizzling beef

When we read about the 600-seater, 7-in-1 Japanese food place Eat at Seven, we were very excited!

We kinda imagined it to be like an higher-end food court, where we could order food from all 7 restaurants (3 are currently having soft launch), but alas, while they are indeed under the same roof, they are very much separate restaurants 😛

We decided to try Nikunohi ニクノヒ, as it was currently having a 50% off for 3 platters (till 31 August 2015, limited to 2 servings per table), and also because, there was quite a small crowd!

Nikunohi is the first Yakiniku restaurant in Singapore produced by Chef Kensuke Sakai who is youngest “Iron Chef” Challenger. There is a great selection of authentic roast beef and premium meats to satisfy meat-lovers!

Premium Rare Plate

Premium Rare Plate

Yasai Moraiwase

Yasai Moraiwase

We ordered the “Kiwami” Ultimate Course ($69++, usual price $138), Premium Rare Plate ($24, usual price $48), and Yasai Moraiwase.

For Premium Rare Plate, we had rump (very good balance of meat and fats, juicy!), eye of knuckle (not bad, quite juicy, but had a bit of tendon), tri-pit (too thin and it was overcooked).

"Kiwami" Ultimate Course

“Kiwami” Ultimate Course

The Ultimate Course was definitely a notch up! Consisting of chateaubriand, sliced beef tongue, chuck eye, ribeye, and sliced skirt, we were not quite sure which was which, as the server appeared to be either too new or too nervous, and got all the meats mixed up, and we were lost by the time he re-introduced the meats again.

Nonetheless, we recognised the beef tongue, as it was so crunchy-chewy! Quite good! The other cuts were also awesome!

This server was not that great at grilling meat, but when he left our table suddenly, and did not re-appear, another staff, Michelle, took over and continued to help us grill our vegetables. She used low heat, and the results were very excellent, as the vegetables had this lightly caramelised sweetness to them. She was also the enthusiastic lady who introduced the restaurant to us, and also kept up a casual conversation with us while grilling our food.

Note that you can choose to grill the food yourself, but we had thought that it might be better for the staff to do it, as we did not want to waste the good meats. But I guess it really depends on who you get.

Note that the meats were served with miso sauce, chilli sauce, and flavoured salt with lemon.


  • Location: 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City North Wing #03-316 S(038983)
  • Hrs: 11am – 3pm, 5:30pm – 10:30pm (Mon-Thu), 11am – 10:30pm (Fri-Sun)
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