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​Tempura Kohaku 天ぷら琥珀 @Eat At Seven, Suntec City

2016-09-05-17-35-52This is one of the recent restaurants to open at Eat At Seven (Enbu, Nikunohi etc.) in Suntec.

We attempted to come here during dinner time previously, but the queue was simply too long.

This time, we arrived before 5.30pm and walked into a mostly empty restaurant. Yippee!!!!

We shared a Kohaku Tendon ($15++) and opted for the non-spicy version. It was way better than the expensive one we had at Wisma Atria!

We especially enjoyed the juicy and tender chicken breast, and the squid piece. Other items included prawn, crab stick, baby corn, pumpkin, mushroom and long beans. The rice was pretty fluffy and fragrant too, and they were not over zealous with the sauce.

In terms of value-for-money, hubby still preferred his favourite Tendon Ginza Itsuki with the onsen egg…


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Teppei Syokudo 哲平食堂 @Millenia Walk

2016-07-22 21.01.10After our lovely dinner at Enbu, we strolled around the area and ended up at Millenia Walk, where we spotted Teppei Syokudo 哲平食堂!

This is a series of small eateries opened by the same Teppei Group of Restaurants which has one of the longest waiting list for its omakase dinner!

Since we did not had any carbo earlier at Enbu, it was the perfect excuse to have their famous Kaisendon 😛

For $21, we got ourselves a Kaisendon, with additional scallop, as well as a drink. Wow, they were certainly generous with their fish slices and chunky cubes! The fish were fresh and it was delicious!

It was a great treat to end our night out 🙂


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Enbu 炎舞 @Suntec

2016-07-22 20.07.48We were back to Eat At Seven!

Originally we had intended to try out the tendon at Tempura Kohaku 天ぷら琥珀, but the queue proved to be rather ridiculous; it took up the entire length of the huge billboard outside the restaurant!

Since there was no queue at the rest of the eateries, it made sense to just try out the other places that we had yet to try!

Enbu was one of the first restaurants to open at Eat At Seven one year ago and we chanced upon it a few times but never really tried this casual izakaya which specializes in charcoal and straw grilling. Tonight this looked like a good option 🙂

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Nikunohi ニクノヒ @Suntec

Sizzling beef

Sizzling beef

When we read about the 600-seater, 7-in-1 Japanese food place Eat at Seven, we were very excited!

We kinda imagined it to be like an higher-end food court, where we could order food from all 7 restaurants (3 are currently having soft launch), but alas, while they are indeed under the same roof, they are very much separate restaurants 😛

We decided to try Nikunohi ニクノヒ, as it was currently having a 50% off for 3 platters (till 31 August 2015, limited to 2 servings per table), and also because, there was quite a small crowd!

Nikunohi is the first Yakiniku restaurant in Singapore produced by Chef Kensuke Sakai who is youngest “Iron Chef” Challenger. There is a great selection of authentic roast beef and premium meats to satisfy meat-lovers!

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Kimchi Korean Restaurant @Suntec

Spread of appetizers

Spread of appetizers

We haven’t been to Suntec City for a long while and boy, so many things have changed! There were also many new food options available, so after some consideration, we decided to try out Kimchi Korean Restaurant instead of the ramen restaurant 2 shops away, thinking that we might want to linger a while longer and the ramen shop is probably not so ideal for a long meal. Both had very good online reviews though!

We arrived just before 6.30pm and requested for a table of 5. The waitress responded that she had a table available but we had to clear out by 7.45pm. We declined and was offer an alternative 4-seater with an extra chair, which was fine, since the table was quite huge 🙂

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