Tak Po @Smith Street

Hubby had read about this supposedly famous dim sum in Chinatown, so we decided to check it out! It was rather crowded on a Friday evening, so instead of joining the queue and waiting for a table within the air-conditioned shop, we chose to take the last remaining outdoor seating. Food was served very quickly, and the staff were also very efficient at clearing the plates; they pop by to pick up the empty plates at least 3 times while we were eating. We also liked that we could order some items such as carrot cake, and custard bun by pieces instead of the usual by the trio style.

  • Mushroom Chicken ($2.80+ GST for 2 pieces): One of the highlights of the meal, the chicken pieces were actually quite juciy and flavourful.
  • Har Gao ($2.70+ for 3 pieces): Rather standard fare.
  • Siew Mai ($2.60+ for 3 pieces): Yet another standard item, we were not sure what is the difference between this and the more expensive Prawn Siew Mai; this one had prawns too.
  • Crystal Chives Ball ($3.20+ for 3 pieces): Sadly, there was very little chives, and the skin was a tad too thick and sticky.
  • Prawn and Mushroom Dumpling ($3+ for 3 pieces): The English and Chinese names definitely meant different things! This was not bad, but the skin was a bit dry.
  • Beancurd Skin Roll with Oyster Sauce ($2.80+): This was alright.
  • Pan Fried Carrot Cake ($0.90+ per piece): There were bits of radish in it, not bad.
  • Custard Bun ($1.30+ per piece): Finally, I could order custard bun by the piece! It was a green bun, and while the skin was too sticky for my liking, the molten custard was lovely.
  • Fish Belly Porridge ($4.50): The porridge was not bad, and they were really very generous, giving us 6 large pieces of fish belly 🙂
  • Iced Rosella Hawthorn Tea ($1.80+ per cup): A very refreshing drink to ease the oily feel of the dim sum, loved it!

Overall, it was just average, with the porridge being better than most of the dim sum that we tried 😛

Note that wet tissues are available for $0.30+ each.


  • Location: 2 Orchard Turn ION Orchard #B3-18 S(238801)
  • Websitewww.takpo.com.sg
  • Hrs: 7am – 10:30pm
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