Serangoon Gardens Market & Food Centre @Serangoon

We have been to Serangoon Gardens and to the famous Chomp Chomp Food Centre for several times but not to this market & food centre.

Located just before the circle, hubby remembered a famous Char Kway Teow stall there years ago (but alas it has closed already, because the old couple retired). The food centre has been completely refurbished and it is now more airy, bright and clean!

So today, we decided to do a small ride and small walk to Serangoon Gardens and have some local brunch! Found quite a few gems 🙂

陈顺美 Tan Soon Mui Beancurd Stall #41

The simple stall with a huge signboard advertising their freshly made 烧仙草 Grass Jelly and 冰豆花 Iced Beancurd Tofu (both $1 each) caught our eyes, and it was a lovely way to start our day! Loved the texture of the grass jelly, especially when we could chomp down huge chunks at one go. The iced beancurd tofu had that distinctive soya bean taste, and was slightly dense, but still quite smooth. It was a great chilled treat, especially when the weather was so hot!

實龍崗花園麵包西菓店 Serangoon Garden Bakery & Confectionery Stall #46 (closed on Monday)

There was a never ending short queue at this corner stall, and we tried the Luncheon Meat Bun and Ham and Cheese Bun (both $0.80). Very old-school, no-frills, and an absolute delight as the buns were still warm, and the fillings rather generous for this price!

Rolina Curry Puff Stall #32

We got ourselves a freshly made Curry Puff ($1.40) to try, and what a cute little bloated fellow it was! We loved the thin crust and the spicy potatoes! The egg provided some respite to the heat for hubby as it got a tad too spicy, but overall, we loved it!

呀侖街粿汁 Garden Street Kway Chap Stall #21

There were a few stalls that had rather long queues, so hubby decided to place his bet on kway chap, where he spent the next 15-20 minutes queueing for our $10 Kway Chap for two (including top up for salted vegetables and peanuts). We loved the variety, other than the usual egg, intestines (large and 粉肠), tau pok, tau kua, pork belly slices, there were also fried fish cake, lean meat slices, and sliced pig’s stomach.

The fried fish cake was very aromatic and delicious! The lean meat was not at all tough, and the tender pork belly was definitely more meat than fats. We also liked that the salted vegetables were not overly salty.

We did wish that the kway could have been a bit firmer, as it was kinda overcooked. Also the intestines would be perfect, if they were more tender. However, the intestines were cleaned very well 🙂

和記茶室 Kwa Kee Cafe Stall #9

We met cousin S here while slurping our kway chap, and she recommended this stall for coffee 🙂 Actually she also recommended Seng Kee mushroom and minced meat noodle soup, carrot cake, award-winning mee soto, and vegetarian bee hoon, but we were too full to try…. Next time 🙂

The Kopi-C-Kosong was aromatic and strong! My Teh-C-Kosong was quite lovely too, but would have preferred a bit more evaporated milk. At $0.80 for a small cup each, the coffee and tea were much better than most of the ones that we tried at various coffee shops. Our favourite remains as the one at our market, and of course, the Koufu version made by the now-retired auntie….

With this, we ended our little food tour and continued catching up with cousin 🙂

So we were so impressed with the food offerings here that we made it here again after 2 weeks! And here’s the rest that we tried:

勝記香菇肉脞麵 Seng Kee Mushroom and Minced Meat Noodle Stall #4

We tried the Minced Noodle Soup and the broth was very good! The noodle was firm and tangy and the ingredients were very fresh!

顺发猪杂汤 Soon Huat Pig’s Organ Soup Stall #42

The Pig’s Organ Soup was $3.50 and for this price, there was quite a good variety of ingredients, such as lean meat, small and large intestines, pig’s stomach, liver, etc. However, the soup was far too salty for our liking. The Braised Beancurd ($0.60) was quite soft and hubby liked it a lot.

红沙厘 Serangoon Gardens Carrot Cake and Wanton Noodle Stall #13

The Black Carrot Cake ($3) was a tad too sweet for our liking.

蘇英松茶室 Soh Eng Song Coffee Stall #38

The Kopi-C-Kosong and Teh-C-Kosong (both $0.70 for small) were smooth and strong, giving a good round up for our breakfast 🙂


  • Location: 49A Serangoon Garden Way S(555945)
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