Senjyu 千寿 @Northpoint

2016-05-09 09.15.31We were running out of ideas on a nice Sunday afternoon. So we decided to head north this time, and found ourselves queuing at Senjyu 千寿 because it looks new. 😛

At 2+ in the afternoon, the Sashimi Maki and Kanikyu were already sold out (we could place our orders but the waitress came by to tell us that they were sold out), while the Yari Ika was unavailable when we tried to order, which was quite a pity since they looked pretty delicious on the menu.

We had the following instead:

  • Shake Sarada Maki ($9.99++): 5 pieces of salmon salad roll with Senjyu house glaze, we thought that the salmon was quite fresh, but the raw salad somewhat overpowered the salmon flavour. Quite a light dish overall.
  • Marble Stone Maki ($11.99++): Our favourite item of the meal, each of the 5 pieces consisted of 4 types of sashimi wrapped with pickled radish, this was quite interested because of the salty miso dressing and sour radish went quite well with the stronger tasting and more oily fish such as tuna, salmon and swordfish. We were not sure what was the 4th type, possibly sea bass? This felt like a mini barachirashi, minus the rice. It was also a pity that hubby found a fish scale stuck to his chopsticks after eating the maki, oops!
  • Hotate Canapé ($9.99++): The pan seared scallop was overcooked and a bit too tough. The yuzu glaze was a tad too salty for the scallop, but went well with blanched asparagus and juicy tomato slices. This item came in threes.
  • Gindara Motoyaki ($21.99++): The cod fish was quite delicious. The accompanying potato salad was a bit strange, one end of it was slightly bitter, while the other end was sour.
  • Senjyu Dynamite Maki ($11.99++): Each of the 5 pieces of maki were made up of battered prawn, salmon, avocado, cucumber and flying fish roe. It had a very good crunchy texture! Another of my favourites for today 🙂

Since we were seated by the conveyor belt, we decided to try some sushi too. Prices ranged from $2.59++ for red plates, $4.59++ for black plates, to $6.59++ for blue plates. We picked one with Unagi and Cheese ($4.59++), and it was not bad. The rice was quite ok, but we could not really tell if it was vinegar rice or not.

They certainly put in efforts in the presentation but more could be done to improve the quality of the food. Also, do note that you have to confirm your order each time you select an item from the iPad, unlike the usual confirming of all orders at 1 go. So the waitress had to keep coming back to inform us, each time an item was sold out.

Service was quite pleasant, while we waited in queue, the staff informed us of the estimated waiting time without us having to ask, which was a very nice touch. The waitress who kept popping back was also friendly.


  • Location: 930 Yishun Ave 2 Northpoint Shopping Centre #02-58/59/60/61 S(769098)
  • Hrs: 11:30am – 10pm
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