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Senjyu 千寿 @Northpoint

2016-05-09 09.15.31We were running out of ideas on a nice Sunday afternoon. So we decided to head north this time, and found ourselves queuing at Senjyu 千寿 because it looks new. 😛

At 2+ in the afternoon, the Sashimi Maki and Kanikyu were already sold out (we could place our orders but the waitress came by to tell us that they were sold out), while the Yari Ika was unavailable when we tried to order, which was quite a pity since they looked pretty delicious on the menu.

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Koh Grill & Sushi Bar @Wisma Atria

Long queue even for paying!

Long queue even for paying!

Today I flew out of office on the dot in an attempt to get seats at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar.

We had wanted to try out this place so much for a while already, as our students kept posting very yummy photos in Instagram, but the queue was always so horrendously long… The eatery is within the food court on the upper floors of Wisma Atria and is always hustling and bustling, also because there is a teppanyaki eatery just neighbour to it.

When I reached at 6.20pm today, luckily there was no queue and I was able to get seats immediately 🙂 Very excited! Especially when the queue started growing 10 minutes later…

From the menu, the selection of sushi seemed very exotic! We had a hard time figuring out which ones to try…

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