Cafes in Busan and Seoul, South Korea

We had been to quite a few cafes during this trip, sometimes just to get breakfast for the next morning, and sometimes, we needed caffeine. And our favourite place gotta be…

카반커피 Kavan Coffee

IMG_2385IMG_2384Of worthy mention is this place, where we had the best Cafe Latte (₩3,000) of this trip. Strong, yet smooth, it had that oomph at the very first sip 🙂

The Green Tea Latte  (₩3,500) here was pretty good too.

There are 2 outlets, and the one we visited was near 서면역 Seomyeon Station 西面站 (check out the location map in their website). Do give it a try if you visit Busan!

Website: (Facebook)

Of course, there are many coffee chains in Busan and Seoul. Here are some of the common ones that we visited:

빽다방 Paik’s Coffee 

2017-03-31 16.23.18A popular coffee chain known for its relatively cheap coffee in South Korea (it’s also available now in Singapore), we found an outlet near our hotel in Busan, and some caffeine would be really helpful after all the train travelling (2.5 hours) 🙂

Hubby got a Cafe Latte (₩2,500), which he thought was quite strong and bitter; perfect for a perk-me-up. It was my first time trying out a Marron Latte (₩3,000), and this was a sweet drink with a lovely hint of roasted chestnut taste.

We also shared a Creamy Choux (₩1,500), which tasted like a chilled cream puff, not bad at all.

Website: (Facebook)

뚜레쥬르 Tous Les Jours

With many stores in South Korea, as well as overseas, it is not surprising to find one near our hotel.

We had tried Castella Cake (₩1,300), Multigrain Sweet Potato Bread (₩3,500), Cafe Latte (₩3,800), and Purple Sweet Potato Tea Latte (₩4,800), and we liked the food, especially the bread. Not surprising, since Tous Les Jours started out as a bakery.

Website: (Facebook)

이디야커피 Ediya Coffee

Yet another popular chain in South Korea which started out in Seoul, it is not difficult to find an outlet. We had a Cafe Latte (₩3,200), Grain Latte  (₩3,500), and Croque Momsieur (₩3,800). Food and drinks were all pretty decent

Website: (Facebook)

핸즈커피 Hands Coffee

This was where we had our only breakfast in Busan that was eaten outside of our hotel room 😛 The Tuna Sandwich (₩6,000) was packed with ingredients, and more than enough for the 2 of us. The Cafe Latte (₩4,800) was not bad, and the Sweet Potato Latte (₩5,000) was very fragrant and not overly sweet. Do check out their cutesy coasters if you happen to dine in 🙂

Website: (Facebook)

파리바게뜨 Paris Baguette

To think I had initially thought that this was a French bakery, until Ms. V told me it all started in Korea -_-”

I would try here at least once, because of the super cute cup, and its content (Cafe Latte (₩3,000)) was not bad too. 😛 We also tried the Crab Croquette (₩1,900), and thought it was quite yummy.

Website: (Facebook)

투썸플레이스 A Twosome Place

It took a quick Google search to discover that the name of this cafe was making reference to its slogan: A cup of coffee, TWO of us, SOME dessert, PLACE. It is a little more upmarket (i.e. prices were also kinda upmarket).

We tried the Cafe Latte (₩4,600), and Masala Chai Tea Latte (₩5,300). The tea latte was a little too sweet for my liking. The Carrot Cake (₩5,500) was quite delicious though.


던킨도너츠 Dunkin’ Donuts

While this is not a Korea brand, we did have breakfast here because it was near our hotel. The Honey Ham and Egg Slider was surprisingly good! It was served piping hot with melting cheese, with rather addictive sauce, and soft bread. The set (₩3,900) came with orange juice. The Cafe Latte (₩3,300) was pretty alright.


Other places where we had coffee:

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