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Ah Teik Durian Stall @Lorong Susu, Penang

img_3986GL highly recommended trying out the local Penang durians, especially the white flesh Milk Durian (牛奶榴莲 Durian Susu). He did warn us that due to the poor weather recently, the durians might not be of such good quality though.

Since we did not try out any durians during our previous trip, we figured that we should still go check it out. So, following his recommendations, we went in search of this durian stall located at Lorong Susu.

Now was not the durian season though, so there were not much variety available. To our disappointment, the Milk Durians are usually available only from June onwards. The available durians were mostly too huge, and we only wanted to sample one.

So finally, we got ourselves a small Red Prawn Durian (红虾榴莲 Ang Heh Durian) for RM20. Seemed rather expensive!

There were about 7 to 8 seeds inside this small durian, and the vendor helped us open up as we started eating. Service was good in the sense that they provide water and gloves. We thought the durian was alright… Hubby had not eaten durians for almost 10 years, and while I’ve eaten durians say once every 2 years, I’m not a durian expert. I preferred slightly bitter versions though. The flesh of this durian was kinda sweet, and the flesh was a bit hard. The seeds were small though, so there was quite a good proportion of flesh.


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Crystal Cafe @Orchard Grand Court

We haven’t been to this place since when we first started dating 😛 But bro mentioned this place last week, so we thought that we could come here as an alternative to the getting-pricier Quality Hotel porridge buffet.

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