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海安咖啡室 Hoi On Cafe @Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

2016-12-12 10.01.35Near our hotel was the old-school 海安咖啡室 Hoi On Cafe which we noticed when we were on Ding Ding.

Established since 60 years ago, the name of the cafe was meant as well-wishes to the sailors, as the cafe was located near the pier. Nowadays, this place seem to be quite popular with tourists.

The staff understood Mandarin well enough, and were extremely patient and kind, e.g. there was a group who wanted to change tables after their orders had arrived, and the staff helped them to shift the food without complaints; they gave us water when they saw that we were about to take our medications with coffee / tea, which was much appreciated!

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翠華餐廳 Tsui Wah Restaurant @Central, Hong Kong

2016-12-11 08.33.18

There were not many breakfast options near our hotel on a Sunday morning, so we decided to try the chain restaurant 翠華 Tsui Wah at Central before taking the bus at Exchange Square for our hike on Wilson Trail.

There were plenty of seats available, and we decided to share a 冰鎮菠蘿油配奶茶 Pineapple Bun with Iced Butter served with Milk Tea (HK$28), and a set with 沙爹牛肉即食麵 , 嫩滑炒蛋,牛油豬仔 配咖啡 Satay Beef Instant Noodles in Soup, Scrambled Eggs and Buttered Crispy Bun with Coffee (HK$36).

Taste-wise, you cannot really go wrong with instant noodles in Hong Kong 😀 The beef was also quite tender.

They forgot our pineapple bun, and we had to chase a couple of times. Served warm, it was not bad at all.


  • Location: 中環威靈頓街15-19號地下至2樓 G-2/F, 15-19 Wellington Street, Central (Google Maps)
  • Nearest MTR: Island Line Central Station 港島綫中環站 (Take Exit D2 and walk 4 mins)
  • Website:
  • Hrs: 24hr
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南丫島 Lamma Island @Hong Kong

Happy couple

Happy couple

We were going on a hiking trip today at the outlying island Lamma Island 南丫島!

We took the 08:50 ferry from Star Ferry Pier 4 at Central, and it was a quick 25min ferry ride on choppy waters  to Yung Shue Wan 榕樹灣!

Being so early, most of the shops were barely opened at Yung Shue Wan Village 榕樹灣村, but we saw this Sampan Seafood Restaurant filled with people having their morning dim sum. Too bad we had already eaten at Lin Heung earlier 😛

Other than the crowd at the restaurant, the rest of the village was basically a small sleepy town!

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Tai Lei Loi Kei 澳门大利来记猪扒包 @nex

Polo Pork Chop Bun 菠萝猪扒包

Polo Pork Chop Bun 菠萝猪扒包

We have been wanting to check out this place as it was always crowded whenever we walked past!

Today we were at nex bright and early, so it was a good opportunity to come here. True enough, the entire place was empty 🙂

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

We decided on a Polo Pork Chop Bun 菠萝猪扒包 ($6.90 nett, with $1 for egg) and topped up $5.60 to make it into a set, with Iced Macau Milk Tea (UP $2.80) and Chicken Wings (UP $5.90 for 6 wings).

The polo bun was not the crispy hard crust type, but its sweetness was a good complement to the rather salty but quite jucy pork slice. The wings were very juicy and salty, so it would be better to eat it with the rice option. Milk tea was pretty standard fare, but really helped to balance out the saltiness of the food…


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