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​盛記大排檔 Sing Kee @Central, Hong Kong

2016-12-13 07.25.49We came by the area to purchase my favourite 大排档 Dai Pai Dong 2-in-1 milk tea, so it seemed rather fitting that we should have dinner at the nearby dai pai dong 盛記 Sing Kee. There were many customers having seafood here, but we did not dare to try. Instead, we had:

  • 時菜豬什 Assorted Pig Offal & Seasonal Vegetables (HK$48): The choi sum was not bad, and the pig offals were quite tender.
  • 嘟嘟雞煲 Sizzling Chicken in Pot (HK$59): Oooh, this was quite addictive and the chicken pieces were quite tender.
  • 干炒牛河 Stir-fry Beef Hor Fun (HK$50): Unfortunately, this was missing a little wok hei, and a tad too salty and oily. The beef slices were quite tender though.

  • Location: 中環士丹利街82號舖 82 Stanley Street, Central (Google Maps)
  • Nearest MTR: Island Line Hong Kong Station 港島綫香港站 (Take Exit C and walk 6 mins)
  • Hrs: 11am – 3pm, 5:30pm – 11pm (Mon-Sat, alt Sun)
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翠華餐廳 Tsui Wah Restaurant @Central, Hong Kong

2016-12-11 08.33.18

There were not many breakfast options near our hotel on a Sunday morning, so we decided to try the chain restaurant 翠華 Tsui Wah at Central before taking the bus at Exchange Square for our hike on Wilson Trail.

There were plenty of seats available, and we decided to share a 冰鎮菠蘿油配奶茶 Pineapple Bun with Iced Butter served with Milk Tea (HK$28), and a set with 沙爹牛肉即食麵 , 嫩滑炒蛋,牛油豬仔 配咖啡 Satay Beef Instant Noodles in Soup, Scrambled Eggs and Buttered Crispy Bun with Coffee (HK$36).

Taste-wise, you cannot really go wrong with instant noodles in Hong Kong 😀 The beef was also quite tender.

They forgot our pineapple bun, and we had to chase a couple of times. Served warm, it was not bad at all.


  • Location: 中環威靈頓街15-19號地下至2樓 G-2/F, 15-19 Wellington Street, Central (Google Maps)
  • Nearest MTR: Island Line Central Station 港島綫中環站 (Take Exit D2 and walk 4 mins)
  • Website:
  • Hrs: 24hr
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​Coco Espresso @Central, Hong Kong

2016-12-10 11.10.13

After our sinful but yet satisfying brunch at 一樂燒鵝 Yat Lok Restaurant, we decided to have coffee nearby before continuing our food trail.

This was Coco Espresso’s 4th branch in Hong Kong, opened in 2015. They started their first Coco in 2007 at Queen’s Road Central and expanded since in Hong Kong island with its cozy industrial-look interior and nice coffee.

It was quite packed, and we decided to just stand and share a skinny latte (HK$35) by the long counter table. Thankfully, a couple of stools became available while we waited for our drink.

It was a smooth and moderately strong cup of coffee with a slightly acidic undertone.

Note: Water and WiFi were available for free.


  • Location: 中環士丹利街50號信誠廣場地下D舖 Shop D, G/F, World Trust Tower, 50 Stanley street, Central (Google Maps)
  • Nearest MTR: Island Line Central Station 港島綫中環站 (Take Exit D2 and walk 5 mins)
  • Website: (Facebook)
  • Hrs: 8am – 7pm (Mon-Fri), 9am – 7pm (Sat-Sun)
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一樂燒鵝 Yat Lok Restaurant @Central, Hong Kong

Big signboard so that you won't miss

Big signboard so that you won’t miss

We had read about the Top Five Roast Goose in Hong Kong and that the roasted goose here at Yat Lok was really good!

And so, we were very focused: 馳名脆皮燒鵝下庄 Quarter Goose with Drumstick (HKD 150), and 腐乳通菜 Kang Kong with Fermented Beancurd (HKD 25). No rice for us, because we wanted to fill our tummies with the meat, and the vegetables was meant to ease the guilt (and greese), just a little 😛

Beautiful roast goose

Beautiful roast goose

The vegetables was very refreshing and we loved the fermented beancurd sauce! But the star was really the perfectly balanced fatty, meaty, juicy roasted goose!

Not only was the skin crispy-good, the meat was also very juicy and tender! It was so much better than that famous Yung Kee 鏞記 (which incidentally is only one street away)!

This has now become our MUST come place (besides Kam Wah Cafe) whenever we will be in Hong Kong in future!


  • Location: 香港島中環士丹利街28號地下 G/F, 28 Stanley Street, Central Hong Kong
  • Hrs: 7am – 7pm (Mon-Sat), 9am – 3.30pm (Sun)
  • Nearest MTR: 中環 Central
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蘭芳園 Lan Fong Yuen @Central, Hong Kong

Iconic red and green push cart

Iconic red and green push cart

What is a trip to Hong Kong without going to a Cha Chan Teng 茶餐廳?

Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園 started as a dai pai dong 大排檔 in 1952 and is supposed to be very famous for stocking milk tea 絲襪奶茶 and pork chop bun 豬扒包 and we just gotta come here after our latte 🙂

Pork Chop Bun, Yuen Yong and Milk Tea

Pork Chop Bun, Yuen Yong and Milk Tea

The small eatery kept the iconic signboard and dai pai dong cart (which you can instantly recognize from many travel magazines) and had only a few tables within the full-of-Alan Tham-pictures-wall. We had 金牌豬扒包+凍絲襪奶茶 Pork Chop Bun + Iced Milk Tea (HKD 34) and 凍秘製鴛鴦 Iced Yuen Yong (HKD 20).

I loved the strong milky tea! I’m really not sure how they do it, but it was oh-so-smooth, happiness in a cup! The yuen yong and pork chop bun were pretty standard fare though.


  • Location: 香港島中環結志街2號 2 Gage Street, Central, Hong Kong
  • Hrs: 7am – 6pm (Mon-Sat)
  • Nearest MTR: 中環 Central
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Fuel Espresso @IFC Mall, Hong Kong

Delicious carrot cake

Delicious carrot cake

After our excursion to Lamma Island, the Central Star Ferry Pier was just next to the IFC Mall, so we thought that it would be a great idea to stop by Fuel Expresso for a little perk-me-up!

At 3pm on a Friday, this place was packed to the brim, with many people doing take-away 😮 We waited a short while for a table, and decided on a hot Cafe Latte (HKD 48 nett) and the recommended Carrot Cake (HKD 40 nett). Rather pricey as compared to Singapore!

However, the coffee was really quite good; we enjoyed the strong and slightly acidic flavour, and it had this sweet aftertaste! The carrot cake was moist and not overly dense, in fact, it was slightly fluffy! The cake itself is not really sweet, and the cream cheese topping was of the right amount of sweetness for me… It was a perfect combination when eaten together! What a happy coffee break for us 🙂


  • Location: 港景街1號國際金融中心3023號舖, Shop 3023, IFC Mall, Central, Hong Kong
  • Website
  • Hrs: 7:30am – 7pm (Mon-Fri), 10am – 7pm (Sat-Sun)
  • Nearest MTR: Central 中環
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