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吕记北京甑糕 Beijing Steam Cake @Shichahai, Beijing

After dinner at 烤肉季 Kaorouji, we strolled around the area, which had plenty of night-life activities! Bright lights everywhere, it was definitely different from what we have seen so far.


20161023_212837We also went to the nearby 烟袋斜街 Yandai Xiejie aka Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street, which is named  after the Chinese pipe, 烟袋 Yandai, that was traditionally sold on this street. Despite being a relatively short street, there were many interesting shops selling a wide variety of stuff.

After we had walked enough to create some space in our stomach, we went back to this 吕记北京甑糕 that we saw when walking from the Subway station earlier.

The word 甑 (zeng in fourth sound) refers to the ancient kitchen utensil made of clay that was used to steam mainly rice.

For ¥20, we got a set of 4 cakes with all 4 flavours and toppings. The texture of the cake reminded us of  Kueh Tutu aka Putu Piring, and the flavours were sweet and tangy, making it a lovely dessert!


  • Location: 6 Qianhai Dongyan, Shichahai, Xicheng Qu, China, 100009 北京市西城区前海东沿6号 100009
  • Directions: Take Subway Line 8 to 什刹海 Shichahai Station (Exit A2).
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烤肉季饭庄 Kaorouji @Shichahai, Beijing

2016-10-23-20-11-21Long ago, hubby had to travel for work, and he came to 烤肉季饭庄 Kaorouji for dinner alone. This time, there are 2 of us but eating the same amount of food, haha!

This was one of the most popular 清真 halal establishment and apparently, they started 160 years ago in 1848!

It started with a farmer whose surname was 季 who sold roast beef and mutton along 什刹海 Shichahai as a street hawker back in the days of Qing Dynasty. The meat dishes were so fragrant they attracted many praises from the people in the many big mansions along Shichahai, and began calling him 烤肉季. In those days, when it comes to roast meat in Beijing, people always say 南宛北季, with 北季 referring to 烤肉季 in Shichahai.

Hence, we definitely need to check out this place!

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护国寺小吃街 Huguosi Hutong Snack Street @Xicheng District, Beijing

2016-10-22-20-10-19We finally visited Beijing!

Wanting to have a taste of old Beijing, our lodging for the first 2 nights in Beijing was very near 护国寺小吃街 Huguosi Street, aka Huguosi Hutong Snack Street.

This street was first formed in the Yuan Dynasty and was named after the former 护国寺 Huguosi Temple. It was reopened on 26 October 2011, after undergoing 2 years of renovations. It starts from 新街口南大街 Xinjiekou Nandajie in the west and ends at 德胜门内大街 Deshengmennei Dajie in the east, and forms an intersection in the middle with 棉花胡同 Mianhua Hutong towards the north, and 护仓胡同 Hucang Hutong towards the south. It is a popular street known for its wide variety of snacks.

Though the hotel staff recommended that we should take a proper meal before trying out the snacks (as she was not sure if we would like the flavours) we opted to just snack our night away. Do note that most of the restaurants are not authentic local Beijing food, as we were told that most of them were opened by non-Beijing Chinese.

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